Erroneous and inappropriate warning message about an applet.

If, when you continue, you are presented with a warning message like the one shown above, you can rest assured that it is completely and utterly invalid. So PLEASE IGNORE IT and answer "YES". Note the comment I have added in red at the bottom. The search engine applet is simply a special-purpose search engine, which I designed and wrote for the express and exclusive purpose of searching this site far more effec­tively than can a general-purpose search engine.

It does not access your computer's hard drive. It only reads index data from files within its own directory on my web server. It has been working perfectly since 1999† and it is unfortunate that certain corporations' half-cocked solutions to current secur­ity paranoia have to cause this disruption. But that's the world we now apparently live in. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

† Updated to Swing GUI presentation in 2009.