How to Use This Search Facility

  1. Take some time to think carefully about what you are looking for. Get a mental picture of the notions and concepts involved.

  2. Try to think of a single word which describes what you are looking for as completely and as exclusively as possible. You may enter further keywords to limit the scope of your search. Up to 16 words can be handled but 3 is a sensible maximum.

  3. Enter this word (or words) in the keyword entry field of the search engine applet above. Then click the 'Search' button.

Note: upper and lower case versions of a letter are regarded as the same letter. Separate multiple keywords with spaces, commas or both. The 'Clear' button clears the entry field. Accented letters are regarded as their equivalent without an accent for search purposes.

If the first keyword is found, the title, description and URL of the first relevant document then appear in the applet's main display area, otherwise a message appears saying that the keyword could not be found. Use the 'Next' and 'Prev' buttons to scan up and down the list of relevant documents.

  1. Once you have found a document you would like to view, click the 'View Document' button. The full document will then be fetched and displayed in a separate tab in your browser's window. This leaves the search applet running so that you can return and select another document in the retrieved shortlist.

When you have finished reading the document, cancel its browser tab.

NOTE: When the applet first starts, it connects to the server and downloads the site's keyword index. This can take anything from a split second to about half a minute, depending on line speed and Internet traffic levels. If any problems occur during the downloading of the index or a document, an 'exception' message appears on the message line in red. This states the name of the Java method in which the problem occurred and the type of Java 'exception' (what most programmers used to call an error) which occurred. I would appreciate your reporting to me any such occurrence by email. Thank you.