Neural Networks: Introduction

Being hailed as a new high-demand area, I decided to re-skill myself to as great a depth as possible in Neural Network technology. These are the des­ign notes for my generic multi-layer perceptron program. Their purpose is to show my interest and involvement with neural networks.

On 24 June 1993 I attended the Software Developers' Conference in Wembley as usu­al. There I learned of a new initiative by the DTI [Department of Trade and Indu­stry] to promote the adoption by British industry and commerce of a newly resur­rected area of computer software called neural networks. I registered with the DTI as an int­erested party and received an information pack from them on 18 October 1993.

I ordered a book on neural computing, which I received and started studying on Nov­ember 15 1993. I have studied one form of neural network called a multi-layer per­ceptron to a depth far beyond the scope of the book. As part of this study I have revised all the necessary mathematics. I have also written and exercised a piece of software that simulates a multi-layer perceptron.

I attended a neural network workshop the following February (1994) and I am curren­tly (1997) continuing with this re-skilling hoping that demand for expertise in this new area will outweigh the age prejudice that dominates other areas of the industry.

© December 1997 Robert John Morton