Eastern Business Systems "Marketeer": User Manual

Foreword & Contents

© 1984-1994 Robert John Morton

Author's Addendum May 2004: This is the user manual of a 'legacy' software package from the mid to late 1980s. This user manual is here as an example of my work as a technical writer. However, if you are inter­ested in the history of PC software, please feel free to download and run the software itself by right-clicking this link and selecting 'Save Target as...' or the equivalent. Unzip the download file and open the folder "ebs_marketeer". To start Marketeer, double-click the file "mktr.bat". The password is "password". Runs on anything from DOS 3.3 to Windows XP.


I respectfully draw your attention to the Software Licence at the end of this book [accessible via the Contents List]. I stress particularly those clauses relating to copyright.


This book is a complete 'hands-on' introduction to the EBS MARKETEER Software Package. It is written as an easy-reading tuition-style narrative. Each chapter explains, and gives you some practical experience of, one of MARKETEER'S major facilities. Thus, by the end of the book, you will have actually USED all the facilities yourself.

This book is written to a readership made up of people with vastly differing levels of knowledge and experience both in sales & marketing and in information techn­ology. As such it has to cover absolutely everything in the detail necessary to ensure that the least knowledgeable reader in each respective field is never left out in the cold.

As a result, you will doubtless feel that in at least some parts of this book you are being told in rather over-simplistic terms that which you know already. In these events, please bear with us knowing that to some of your fellow readers these things may be entirely new. Besides, reading our explanation of something you do know establishes common ground from which you may understand more readily our explanations of the specifics of MARKETEER which you don't already know.

Detail is always far more interesting and understandable when explained against the backdrop of a pre-established overview. That is why in this book I start with those of MARKETEER'S facilities which help you define and monitor the precise shape and structure of your overall market, and then work downwards into those which deal with the 'nitty gritty' of the individual people and companies who make up that market.

Finally, in the last chapter, I give you some help and guidelines for setting up your own sales/marketing operation on MARKETEER and getting it 'on the road'.


The development & production of MARKETEER took over 15,000 hours of human effort. This represents an enormous human and financial investment. Any attempt to reproduce this package and make that reproduction available to a third party is an attempt to steal a substantial part of that investment from its rightful owner. Because of the seriousness of such an action, EBS will, without fail, take action against any party found so doing. This manual is deemed to be part of MARKETEER and no copy of it must be made which is separate from the MARKETEER software, nor must the contents of any of the Manual's text files be edited.


(Development first began in March 1981)
Version 1.00 - Apple II version August 1984
Version 2.00 - IBM PC XT version November 1985
Version 3.00 - IBM PC XT version March 1986
Version 4.00 - PC Network version September 1987
Version 5.00 - Major Enhancements March 1994

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