Personal Study Notes: Introduction

I have developed an effective style of illustrated study notes as part of my study process. Some are reviews of my accumulated knowledge in the technicalities of my past projects and the software environments I have used. Others cover new areas of knowledge I had always intended to learn about.

My study notes include my accumulated knowledge on navigation software and my reference notes on Windows SDK. Others are concise personal revision notes pro­duced during my readings of the following books:

On The Internet
  • The Internet for Dummies by Levine & Baroudi
  • More Internet for Dummies by Levine & Young
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Netscape Navigator by Joe Kraynak
  • HTML - The Definitive Guide by Musciano & Kennedy
  • How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site by Lincoln Stein
  • The Java Programming Language by Arnold & Gosling
  • Java, The Complete Reference by Naughton & Schildt
  • On Unix & Linux
  • Unix for Dummies by Levine & Young
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux by Manuel Alberto Ricart
  • Linux, The Complete Reference by Richard Petersen
  • The Linux Kernel Book by Rémy Card, Eric Dumas, Franck Mével
  • On Network Technology
  • Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days by Parker
  • Ethernet Networks by Gilbert Held
  • On Other Interests
  • Inside the PC by Peter Norton (great hardware guide for a 'softie' like me)
  • Chaos by James Gleick
    Reading this book inspired a personal project
  • Neural Computing - an introduction by Beal & Jackson.
    Reading this book inspired a personal project
  • The links are to extracts from my study notes. These notes contain no text from the actual books themselves. They are simply my own summaries of what I learned while reading them. They are heavily diagrammatic to help recap quickly after a spell of absence from direct involvement with the subject's fine detail.

    © 1998 Robert John Morton