My Applets: Web Site Hits Counter

The graph below shows the number of hits to my home page for each week since 26 April 1998. An applet generates this graph live from a data file on the server.

Image of the display produced by the hit counter applet.

If you are using Microsoft Windows and a Security Warning box pops up saying that the application has been blocked from running because it is "untrusted" please click here. If you get similar messages with Linux, please click here.

The 'Hits Counter' on my home page showed total hits including my own. The 'Total to Date' figure above excludes hits I have made for test purposes. These figures do, of course, exclude hits to the 600 or so other pages on my site. For all the Java geeks among you, here is the applet's source code. And here is the source code for the data converter.

I stopped monitoring hits in March 2003.

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