Index to My Java Applets

These applets are all "live" on this web site. Their purpose is to illustrate [often by animation] various concepts and principles described in the text. Although the most popular web browsers are no longer Java-capable and therefore cannot run these applets, each applet can be launched as a stand-alone "Web Start" application by clicking on the static image of the original applet.

Automatic navigator with moving map display
development applet for waypoint interception

Short-Wave Radio
A Radio Bandscope
An HF Broadcast Receiver

Chaos Theory
Bifurcation Map Generator
Difference Equation Iterator
Henon's Strange Attractor
The Mandelbrot Set
Lissajou's Figures

Nature of Light
Doppler effects of light
Dilation of time and contraction of space

Search Engine
applet for searching my website

Contacts Database
illustration applet for my contacts management package

Graphical Display
The following applets are used to display graphical data
in my book and in various articles within this website.
home-page hits time-graph histogram
book downloads histogram

General Time-Graph Applet
the main applet
the graph data loader
the data file selector
the trace-type selector
the main graph panel
the time scale annotator
the quantity scale annotator
its off-line data convertor

Account Balance Applet
the main applet
the year selector panel
the inflation selector
the vertical money-scale panel
the horizontal month-scale panel
the account display graph panel
the statistics display panel
its off-line data convertor