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000 Declaration of Human Rights Trapped in The Context of Capitalism
A United Nations Declaration of Human rights is laudable. But united nations are united governments. Each serves the interests of its country's dominant elite.

001 Man: an Economic Resource to be Used and Abused by a Corporate Elite
Man once dominated the Earth. It was as if he were the reason for its being. Now, he is just another economic resource to be used and abused by a wealthy elite.

002 Bill of Rights: To Protect The Individual From State and Corporation
The individual is forever being strangled by recession, pillaged by corporates or trampled by elephant-footed bureaucracies mindlessly adhering to idiot rules.

003 Carer's Diary of a Relapse: An Official Threat From The Health Service
It seems that protection of professional reputation takes precedence over patient confidentiality which takes precedence over the rights of a patient's family.

004 A Share in The Land: The Means to Turn Labour into The Needs of Life
There is a glaring disparity in the way the habitable land of this planet is divided among its inhabitants, which no amount of moral reasoning can ever justify.