Mother Earth
Our lost inheritance, our inalienable right.

NASA photo of the Earth from space. A tiny sparkling jewel,
  in the vastness of the void
Its thin blue glistening mantle,
  the vessel of mankind
Our fruitful land,
  which for our toil,
  returns our needs of life
A goodly home, a living book
  of knowledge for our minds

But was this Earth given to all, or just the favoured few?
Why can we not all share it, with an equity that's true?
Avarice misfortune placed, on each man one by one
Greed stole in, to take control, and dispossess each son

Thus we lost our birthright, in Mother Earth our stake
To men of capital and land, which they by stealth did take
And round about it raised a wall, a gulf we cannot cross
Round us the bonds of slavery, compelled to serve a boss

But each one has his secret dream, to set up on his own
With none to tax or mortgage, or confiscate his home
To sit beneath his own fig tree, with none to make afraid
To plan and manage what he does, all debts fully paid

So now our Eyes of Envy scan, the heritage we lost
Time will come, when we will rise, and they shall pay the cost
But here is an enigma, which history does not show
Can human wisdom right the wrong, and point the way to go?

© April 1997 Robert John Morton
[Download in English or in Morse Script.]