Money is the ultimate paradox.
It is an arbitrary artificial yardstick,
of wide and capricious elasticity,
used by authority to erroneously compare,
an immense diversity of like against unlike,
in terms of one single dimensionless unit,
that bears no relation to physical reality.

The rich see it as a measure of their merit.
The poor see it as a measure of their work.
Both see it as a measure of their virtue.
Yet pragmatic observation proclaims,
that if money be a measure of anything,
it is merely a measure of hegemony, and has
little if any bearing on work, merit or virtue.

But regardless of how money be perceived,
it demonstrates its indisputable purpose,
of relentlessly concentrating the wealth,
created by the hands of the deluded many,
into the laps of the devious few;
thereby forcibly maintaining society
in its state of accelerating disparity.

© 22 August 2022 Robert John Morton