This doesn't mean that I approve of Erdoğan but when Boris wrote the limerick about the goat, I felt he was a little hard done by. So I wrote this:

Erdoğan's Revenge

There was a young fellow called Bóris.
Caught messing with Carrie's clitóris.
When taken to task
He said, "Why do you ask?
We're having our erotic satóris."

But when it came his turn to let 'er
What he said was bound to upset 'er
"Good gracious", he wrote
"She's worse than a goat
Old Erdoğan truly faired better."

© 12 January 2022 Robert John Morton

Submitted to the 'letters' department of The Spectator on 13/01/2022 at 07:51
and also to the Daily Reckless. Heard nothing. Didn't expect to.