The Law

The purpose of the Law is
to facilitate and enforce
the ordered and peaceful
containment and exploitation of
the poor by the rich,
the dispossessed by the landed,
the low-born by the privileged,
the isolated by the connected,
the excluded by the included,
the nobody by the somebody,
the worker by the capitalist.

The agents of the Law are there
to separate and protect
the rich from the poor,
the landed from the dispossessed,
the privileged from the low-born,
the connected from the isolated,
the included from the excluded,
the capitalist from the worker,
those that matter from those that don't;
in order to forcibly maintain society
in its permanent state of disparity.

Those who create the Law, also
drip-feed the people with lies that
perpetuate their illusion of freedom
within their reality of servitude.
So the poor serve the rich,
the dispossessed serve the landed,
the low-born serve the privileged,
the isolated serve the connected,
the excluded serve the included,
the nobody serves the somebody,
the worker serves the capitalist.

And all is well.

© 18 August 2022 Robert John Morton