Gifted young woman disabled by Polio,
Stuck in a wheelchair all of her life,
Holds a fine job in systems analysis,
Travels the world giving valued advice.
All see her handicap: physical & obvious,
Grants, lifts & ramps, ready to hand.
Difficult yes, but a life worth living.
Official acceptance and social respect.
Reward her.

Affable young boy, now adolescent,
Blighted from birth with ADHD,
Sent to school with contemporary peers,
Bewildered but set in striving to please.
All see his handicap: mental but obvious,
Professional help provided for free.
Difficult yes, but happy and included.
Official acceptance and public sympathy.
Support him.

Strong fit fellow, prone to panic attacks,
Scared of people in streets and crowds,
Kind, intelligent, analytical, philosophical,
But systemically unable to hold down a job.
Misconstrued handicap: vague & obscure,
"Pull yourself together! Get off your butt!"
A difficult life with a sense of estrangement,
Official condescension and public disdain.
Deprive him.

Hard working man, now old and grey,
Blighted from birth with severe HFA,
Promising career in systems and software,
Forced to give up, for his family to care.
Plight not accepted by those in authority,
Hounded to work, despite the home load,
Benefits stopped, reduced State pension,
Officially upbraided and publicly spurned.
Punish him.

© 27 August 2022 Robert John Morton