Global Navigation: Automatic Global Navigator C-version

Image of the panel of the C-version of the Automatic Global Navigator by Robert John Morton YE572246C

To run this program, you first need to compile it. The source code is written entirely in 'C' using only the X11 windowing facility: no external graphics or widget libraries are neces­sary. This program may be compiled from the sup­plied source code and run on any Unix-derived oper­ating system such as System V, BSD or Linux.

Create a new directory in a convenient place. Download the file Move it to your new directory. Unzip the file. The zip file contains the source code nav.c plus the routes data files. Open nav.c in a text editor. I prefer gedit because of its good source highlighting. Open a terminal. Do a 'cd' to your new directory. The compiling and running instructions are near the beginning of the source listing. Parent Page.