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This Web site contains my book "The Lost Inheritance" plus over 400 essays, returning a total count of well over a million words. It is copiously illustrated with diagrams, photographs, animations and Java applets [which can also be launched as Web Start applications from non-Java browsers]. [PDF]

The title "The Lost Inheritance" refers to what I see as the self-evident birthright of every human being. It is the inalienable right to the allodial possession and unencumbered use of sufficient terrestrial resources [habitable land] to enable him to transform his work into his needs of life. As incontrovertibly evinced by the inexcusable poverty and disparity on this planet, established economic systems are catastrophically incapable of fairly providing the means for a man to turn his labour into his needs of life.

My poems are extracts from the book. I am not a poet. These poems just came into my mind, each as a sudden convulsive flood of words, venting my frust­rations with the present world and exuding my hopes and aspirations for a better world in the future - no matter how distant that future may be.

My projects are a sequel to the book. They are concerned with the practicalities of establishing a society, in which all citizens possess sufficient resources to enable each to turn his work into his needs of life independently of markets. In these projects, I expound my concept of a Universal Terrestrial Dwelling, in which a family may live with all modern comforts independently of utility grids for water, electricity, gas, sewage and communications; thus opening up the vastness of the planet's unsettled land area for sustainable human habitation.

My interests stem from my previous work and hobbies. I have written software for navigation, telecoms and administrative systems. I have studied and thought deeply about science. I have used my accumulated knowledge in all these areas as a source of concepts and principles up on which my ideas expressed in "The Lost Inherit­ance" are based. - Robert John Morton YE572246C

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