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Dayse do Nascimento Silva

Dayse received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977 from the College of Arts at the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Her studies here expanded and deepened her knowledge of both Brazilian and Foreign Literature and Grammatical Portuguese. Here she also gained a good grasp of the English language. Dayse received also a Bachelor of Law degree in 1985 from the Law School at the same university.

In addition to her formal studies, Dayse developed a keen interest in the Social and Political Sciences. In this context she has undertaken formal research into social structure for which she has sought inspiration from ancient societies like her own Tupi-Guarani ancestors.

Dayse has also made an extensive study of Philosophy, and driven by her curious fascination with the fundamental laws that underpin our universe, she has also made serious intellectual forays into the realm of Modern Physics.

A growing awareness of the importance of environmental conditions for the future of our planet and a strong sense of conviction to do something about it has led Dayse to become personally involved in the quest for environmental conservation.

Dayse looks forward to a time when humanity - following the examples of ancient societies, to whom the land was both their means of subsistence and a socio-cultural environment - becomes aware that it is itself an essential part of nature and is not outside of or beyond the natural life-process.

She believes that it the responsibility of mankind - as the most recent and advanced species on the planet, uniquely endowed with the power of conscience thought - to care for the Earth by taking his needs of life from it in sustainable and non-destructive ways, leaving it a fit bequest for future generations.

As a hobby, Dayse likes to translate articles that interest her into Portuguese.
Some examples:

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