Email Responses

I am always very happy to hear from everybody who would like to write to me about anything on this web site. You can comment anonymously if you like. Unfortunately, the email form won't accept a blank name or email address but it will accept false ones, provided the email address looks valid. My ISP's webmail reply form requires that you go through the tedious process of entering weirdly displayed words or selecting pictures at the bottom. Please don't be put off by this. I do not record and have no commercial - or otherwise subversive - interest in your personal identity or your email address. Nothing about you is recorded.

You can email me via my web-based reply form.

Email artwork. I display my email address, as shown on the right, in a vain attempt to try to hide it from web trawling pro­grams that try to gather legitimate email addresses for spammers to use as spoof return addresses.

My former email address is no longer available.

I absolutely abhor spam emails, so I shall make all endeavour to afford the maximum possible proactive negative publicity to any person or organization who sends any junk emails to this mailbox, and will certainly make a deliberate point of NOT buying from them and of publishing my opinion about them.

Secure Email

If you have need to send me a highly confidential message without fear of it being intercepted or seen by anybody else, please click here.


If, as a genuine inquirer, you do not receive a reply from me, the reason could be that your ISP is using an email filter supplied by an irresponsible supplier such as Netcore or Spamhaus, which have wrongly blacklisted me. I suggest you switch to an ISP that does not use such services. I surmise that receiving junk mail - bad as it is - is really far less of a problem than having the email of genuine corres­pondents rejected by one of these rogue products.