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Bill of Rights: To Protect The Individual From State and Corporation
The individual is forever being strangled by recession, pillaged by corporates or trampled by elephant-footed bureaucracies mindlessly adhering to idiot rules.

Declaration of Human Rights Trapped in The Context of Capitalism
A United Nations Declaration of Human rights is laudable. But united nations are united governments. Each serves the interests of its country's dominant elite.

Every Human Being Has a Fundamental Moral Right To Adequate Income
Under capitalism, most don't own means to turn their work into their needs of life. Morally therefore, those who do must compensate them with an income in lieu.

Inheritance Bond: A Concept That Gives All a Stake in The Economy
It divides a nation's wealth equitably among its citizens. It is the convergence of political extremes. It is the final fusion of Capitalism and Socialism.

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Bill of Rights, Criticism of UN Declaration of Human Rights, Inheritance Bond, Bonded Slave, Union Action Hurts the Innocent, Where I Work, Income of Dignity.

Modern Employee is The Bonded Slave of The Corporate Collective
Most today seem to think slavery a thing of the oppressive past. But a closer look at the capitalist free market system soon shows slavery to be alive and well.

Union Action Hurts Innocent Artisan More Than Guilty Corporate
The nature of the only means by which unions can exert pressure is more likely to cause collateral harm the innocent than to perturb their corporate masters.

Where I Work: a Matter of Practicality or Corporate Bloody-Mindedness?
A universal wish among almost every employee and contractor I have spoken to on the subject has been eventually to leave employment and set up his own business.

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