Chapter 12: Footnotes Index

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Bible Quotations For Footnote Article on Fear, Guilt & Sexual Sins
The Biblical quotations on fornication, adultery, divorce and serial monogamy referred to within the Chapter 12 footnote article on Fear, Guilt and Sexual Sins.

Connective Force: Polyamory as a basis for a Fair Stable Society?
With the old forces of religious fear, political subjugation and corporate exploitation eradicated from the planet, what force will motivate social connection?

Creed of Greed: Manifesto of Competition and Hierarchical Sujugation
When need turns to greed, cooperation turns to competition, alienating us from each other. This stifles friendship and dissipate effort in fruitless conflict.

Definition of Friendship: Affinity, Shared Values and Mutual Trust
To think I could define a concept so profound as friendship would be arrogant. So this is simply my view and feelings on what the word 'friendship' means to me.

Divide and Rule: The Principle of Sujugation of the Many by The Few
This axiom of tyranny is alive and well in the governing of modern democratic states, where its incisive divisions cut ever deeper and wreak increasing misery.

Divide and Rule: The Reactionary Effects of Dividing The Genders
Attenuating social interaction between the genders is the most effective way by which sovereign states divide, conquer, subjugate and exploit their people.

Divided We Fall: A Society Whose Members are Divided is Easily Ruled.
As sentient beings, we should be able to self-connect into a benign global society in which we may freely evolve towards our destiny. But this isn't happening.

Draft Manifesto for a Fairer Society: The Earth Must be Shared by All
Currently law simply facilitates the containment & exploitation of the poor by the rich. Here we attempt to devise a protocol by which all could live in equity.

Fear, Guilt and Sexual Sins and The Re-Engineering of Conscience
To whom would keep a nation subjugated under a social hierarchy, intimate inter-gender friendship is the ultimate threat. A way had to be found to suppress it.

Finding Friendship: The Need For Connection in an Austere World
Western society, where every aspect of human endeavour is driven by an all-pervading ethos of greed & competition, isn't an easy place to find true friendship.

Group Size: Number of Members Necessary for Maximum Group Cohesion
The optimum number of members for a cohesive group of equal peers is 7. For a task-group under the exclusive command of a single director, the ideal size is 12.

In Nature, Social Architectures are Networks: not Hierarchies
The hierarchical structures of capitalism are not reflected in nature. They are inventions of the human mind to help it classify elements of the natural world.

Inter-gender (Male-Female) Friendship as a Basis for Social Cohesion
Societal undertones impose a tangible awkwardness on a separately married man and woman being friends. This denies us the better half of our potential friends.

Land, Wealth and Capital: All Wealth and Capital Comes From The Land
Today capital is the essence of wealth and power. But only land can turn labour into the needs of life. Capital is nothing more than a well-engineered illusion.

Land: Why They Who Have Work-Not While They Who Have-Not Must Work
Within the hierarchy, one is classed according to wealth. So there must be significant wealth disparity among different members of society. How did this arise?

Landshare Project: For Each A Fair & Equal Piece of His Planet
Everybody has the inalienable right to his fair share of his planet's habitable land on which to live and by which to turn his labour into his needs of life.

Landshare-Based Socio-Economy: A Pilot Scheme For a Model Community
Capitalist economies value everything in terms of a single currency. This causes things to be exchanged in trade whose values are fundamentally non-equatable.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 12: Footnotes Index
Creed of Greed, Cultural Dichotomy, Divide & Rule, Haves vs Have-nots, Land vs Capital, Landshare Concept, Natural Networks, Concrete Planet, Ownership of Land.

Marriage and its Destiny: Today's Economy Stresses it to Destruction
Modern economic forces are pushing to sever even the tenuous bond of marriage to dissipate humanity into a socially celibate plasma of isolated atoms.

My Unconditional Birthright: I claim 1/7000000000 of Planet Earth
As one of the seven billion human inhabitants of planet Earth, I claim the right of occupancy and economic exploitation of one seven-billionth of its resources.

Nature of Inter-Personal Relationships: Affinity, Values, Aspirations
A relationship develops between 2 self-aware conscious beings when they interact according to a protocol that progressively evolves through mutual interaction.

On a Barren Planet, a Farmer's Wisdom and Toil Can Yield Him Nothing
Move man to a barren land and neither his millennia of accumulated knowledge nor any amount of desperate labour will earn him salvation from instant extinction.

Ownership of Land is an Illusion: It's Always Partial & Conditional
In the case of land, the words: have, possess & own aren't simple notions but a synergy of imperialist, capitalist, socialist & Aboriginal ideas of possession.

Partible Paternity Drives The Formation of An Intimate Social Network
A mother's belief that her baby inherits the best aspects of each of her men made the social structures of primitive tribes take the form of intimate networks.

To Control Society, Maintain a Cultural Dichotomy Between The Genders
Nature gave men and women differences, which are both complementary and constructive. Sadly, society has added others, which are both inhibitive and divisive.

Um Rascunho de Manifesto por uma Sociedade Mais Justa por Todos
A lei atual simplesmente facilita contenção e explotação dos pobres pelos ricos. Aqui tentamos conceber um protocolo pelo qual todos pudessem viver em equidade.

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