Chapter 11: Footnotes Index

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Capitalist Government Keeps us Enslaved within an Illusion of Freedom
The purpose of government in the capitalist state is to contain its common people within a web of delusion, within which they are convinced that they are free.

Anatomia da Explotação: Interno [Nacional] e Externo [Estrangeiro]
Para fazer seu empreendimento econômico, a elite capitalista requer a força de estado soberano para restringir e explotar os habitantes e recursos do planeta.

Anatomy of Exploitation: Internal [National] and External [Foreign]
In order to expedite its economic endeavour, the capitalist elite requires the force of a sovereign state to physically exploit the resources of the planet.

Burden of Taxation: Most of a Labourer's Wage goes in Profit & Tax
Under the yoke of capitalism, man ends up with very little of the fruit of his labour. Most is forcibly confiscated to feed corporate profit and State revenue.

Citizen or Subject? We Live to Serve a Minority as and when Required
The State exists for the benefit of the citizen: not the citizen for the benefit of the State. A subject exists to serve the State: not the State its subject.

Collective Ownership Becomes, in effect, Ownership By Those in Control
The collective ownership of economic resources inevitably becomes ownership by a single head of state. This invariably proves worse than ownership by an elite.

Effects of Capitalism: Frustration and The Erosion of Personal Worth
Caged in their bland suburban housing estates, it is little wonder that the hapless slaves of capitalism exhibit an increasingly antisocial mode of behaviour.

Fallibility of Authority: Official Abuse: My Personal Experience
Many in authority intimidate their victims by projecting the belief that they have some kind of psychological 6th sense that can see into their victims' minds.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 11: Footnotes Index
Exploitation, Illusion of Freedom, Citizen or Subject, Public Ownership, Omnipotent Cretins, Parable of The Cows, My Imaginary Friend, Political Right & Left.

Natural Complex Dynamical Analogue of The Modes of Human Society
Analogies are imperfect but when confronted by a large complex system like society, it helps to look at nature for an analogue that can be observed more easily.

O Espaço Vetorial da Política: Que 'Direita' e 'Esquerda' significam?
A posição política de pessoa ou partido não pode ser expressa claramente apenas em termos de Direita e Esquerda, porque é conceito de pelo menos três dimensões.

Observações Sobre a Minha Vida Cotidiana no Brasil
Jovens e velhos com origens e estilos de vida diferentes não fazem vizinhos compatíveis.

Omnipotent Cretins: the Larger an Entity the More Stupidly it Behaves
These towering idiots impose upon the individual their own Draconian obligations according to a complex labyrinth of incompatible and incomprehensible rules.

Parable of the Cows: A Bovine Analogy For Free-Market Capitalism
In nature, the disparity in individual well-being of human society does not exist. So why do humans adopt the insidious form of socio-economy called capitalism?

Parábola das Vacas: uma Analogia para o Capitalismo do Mercado-Livre
Na natureza, a disparidade de bem-estar individual da sociedade humana não existe. Por que os humanos adotam a forma insidiosa de sócio-economia de capitalismo?

Political Disclaimer: My Formative Influences and Current Position
Thus far, I've been destructively critical of all mainstream political options. So I feel I must now state my history and clarify my present political beliefs.

Religion: My Imaginary Friend of Onmipotent Power and Total Knowledge
I may be one of the elite; one of the favoured few. But I'm still only human. I don't have the power to control & exploit an entire nation. So how can I get it?

Robert John Morton: Ancestry: Part Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh
I am of Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English descent. Sadly, the uncertain and questionable details of my ancestry extend back no more than 2 or 3 generations.

Robert John Morton: Ascendência: Escocesa, Inglesa, Irlandesa, Galesa
Eu sou descendente de escoceses, galeses, irlandeses e ingleses. Detalhes incertos e questionáveis de minha descendência remontam a duas ou três gerações.

Vector-Space of Politics: What Does 'Right' and 'Left' Really Mean?
A person's or party's political position cannot be meaningfully expressed solely in terms of Right and Left because it is a concept with at least 3 dimensions.

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