Footnote: Generic Flow Model of a Business

Right from when I started my own business in 1976, I allocated time to in-house research and development. This generic enterprise flow model was the very first of my personal projects. It was to help me design the software I would need to run my business.

I viewed the business's tangible operations of receiving, processing and delivering materials, goods or services as the dynamic energy of the business. I viewed the financial resources as its stored potential energy. The following diagram is mapped. Click on any of its 14 components to go to a description of that component.

This model was developed in great detail from which was produced a control model of demarkable and interfaceable software subsystems such as sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, payroll, production and stock control, order processing and des­patch. Two other areas, namely, market control and automatic budget and cash-flow control were also identified. Since no software addressing these areas was known of at the time I chose these for development [1976-79].

I did a detailed systems analysis and design in both these areas resulting in the dev­elopment of an automatic budgeting and cash-flow control system. The market control system continued to be developed over the next 11 years and became the commercially available package known as EBS Marketeer.

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