Chapter 10: Footnotes Index

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Anatomy of Ownership: of Self, Mind, Body, Objects, Home and Land
The dominant societies of this present world base all their significant relationships up on the exclusivistic notions of ownership, possession and control.

Atoms have an Enforced Size Limit: Corporations Should Have One Too
If governments fail to co-operate to set an upper size limit for multinational corporates, the socio-economic consequences for the world could be catastrophic.

Cancer of Capitalism: A Social Analogue Driven by Absent Conscience
At first sight, this comparison seems emotive. But an examination of the ways in which each one works shows the comparison to be disturbingly systematic.

Capitalist Mentality: A Comparison With The Antics of Two Kittens
Capitalists are a world-wide minority of opportunist who strive single-mindedly for unlimited self-gain by gambling the livelihoods of the rest of humanity.

Chapter 10: The Capital Men: Maximise Labour Cost to Maximise Profit
A capitalist entrepreneur is legally bound to maximise the profit of his enterprise. To do this, he is obliged to minimise the wages he pays to his employees.

Conflict of Interests Between Producer & Consumer of Goods & Services
One buys products to perform tasks as well, for as long and as cheaply as possible. One sells products to make as much profit as possible as often as possible.

Free Market is Only Free to a Small Elite Clique of Corporates
The free market isn't the common possession of all. It's owned by the rich & ruthless who guard it within an impenetrable wall of joint-stock limited liability.

Geographical Constraints put The Captured Consumer at a Disadvantage
A global corporation can buy in one country, produce in another and sell in a third. The consumer must sell his labour and buy his needs all in the same place.

Handful of Supermarkets may Soon Govern Access To Our Needs of Life
These commercial leviathans now control the nation's entire food supply & distribution system. Thus they alone now hold the key to the door to the tree of life.

Interest Rates: Negative Equity is Debt Resulting From Theft by Usury
Interest rates rise. My wages don't. House prices fall. I sell my house for less than I paid for it. I inherit a debt. What have I received to incur this debt?

Limited Liability: Empowers the Rich to Legally Steal from The Poor
To protect himself, the capitalist devised a legal entity called the Limited Liability Company through which he could pass his risks onto the unsuspecting poor.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 10: Footnotes Index
Ownership, Cancer of Capitalism, Cause of Conflict, Elite Minority, Unfree Market, Maximize Profit, Business Flow Model, Wealth For The Few, Trickledown Theory.

Man: an Economic Resource to be Used and Abused by a Corporate Elite
Man once dominated the Earth. It was as if he were the reason for its being. Now, he is just another economic resource to be used and abused by a wealthy elite.

Market-Centred Flow Model of a Business: Materials, Labour, Money
This resource & financial flow model of a business was the first of my personal projects. It was to help me design the software I would need to run my business.

Maximising Profit by Maximising Revenue and Minimising Costs
To maximise his profit the capitalist must make the unit price of his product & its rate of production as high as possible and its unit cost as low as possible.

Money System Concentrates Wealth Into The Hands of Ever Fewer
Money is a representation of a debt that society owes an individual. In effect, a unit of money is a form of IOU (I owe you) note from society to its possessor.

Student Accommodation: The Petty Capitalist's Opportunity to Exploit
The increasing requirement for rich guarantors in student tenancy agreements is driving tertiary education more and more into the exclusive realm of the rich.

Trickle-down Economics: The Fundamental Reason Why it Cannot Work
Wealth has no more cause to trickle down from the tables of the rich into the hands of the poor than the wealth of a farmer into the trough of his plough horse.

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