Chapter 08: Footnotes Index

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Capital: Land and Food Cannot Rightly be Valued in The Same Currency
The financial world fails to see that, though erroneously measured in the same monetary units, capital and the profit it generates, are fundamentally different.

Family Estate: Division of Inheritance is Legal but Rarely Fair.
Apathy, negligence, ignorance and pressure cause the rich to divide their wealth unfairly among their descendants, keeping it in the hands of a favoured few.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 08: Footnotes Index
Currency of Land, Unfair division of inheritance, More than enough land for everybody, Each has needs. Each requires the means to turn his work into his needs.

Share in The Land: The Means to Turn Labour into The Needs of Life
There is a glaring disparity in the way the habitable land of this planet is divided among its inhabitants, which no amount of moral reasoning can ever justify.

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