Chapter 07: Footnotes Index

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Anthropological Community: A Basic Need Built into The Human Mind
Sociological evidence suggests that there exists an optimum size limit for a human group, which may be determined by the physiology of the human brain.

Basic Human Needs: The Needs of The Body and The Needs of Mind
The human body needs food, water, clothing and shelter. The human mind needs companionship, knowledge and work to do. A lack of any of these leaves it deprived.

Body Fuel: How Can The Poor Afford Their 8,640,000 Joules Per Day?
If in 1994 it had all come solely from honey, it would have cost £1.59. That is 94% of the £1.69 daily personal food budget with which State Welfare left me.

Excluding Older Workers Leads an Industry To Repeat The Same Mistakes
It's hard even now to find a system that's not, beneath its glitzy GUI, still a labyrinth of disparate drivers and patched scripts flying on a wing & a prayer.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 07: Footnotes Index
Human Needs, Body Fuel, Need for Community, Earning a Living, Excluding The Old, New Technology, Nuclear Family, Human Worth, Social Class, Team Co-operation.

New Technology Social-Economically Excludes Those Who Can't Afford It
When society adopts a new technology leaving the old one to die then those who become unable to afford the new, can't simply revert to doing things the old way.

Nuclear Family: The Basic Social Unit Determined By Human Physiology
Sexual dimorphism of human beings forces parents to pass on not only biological genes but also skills, knowledge, wisdom and a consciously developed ideology.

One's Earnings: Determined more by Market Forces than Personal Virtue
Most think their hard work earns them their livings. But human effort can't produce the needs of life. It can only take, form & distribute what Nature provides.

Personal Income: An Insidious Attempt to Compare Human Worth
The fallacy that an employee's salary be a measure of his inherent worth makes him loath to divulge it, thus making him the instrument of his own subjugation.

Scientific Method: Clearest View of Reality, if Politics is Kept Out
A true picture of reality can never be beheld by human eyes. Nevertheless, the formal scientific method gives a clearer view of reality than casual observation.

Social Class: Exists Only in The Mind as a Dubious Aid To Perception
Members of a family or team interact according to established rules, whereas a social class is merely an aid to perception. So why is the latter so divisive?

Table and Graph of Real Inflation and its 10 Root 2 Attractor
I originally based my inflation corrections on the 10th√2 algorithm. This is based on the premise that the £UK has approximately halved in value every decade.

Team: Co-operation Evoked by The Sporadic Distribution of Talents
Our higher abilities are divided among us, making us all specialists. To deploy them effectively, we must combine them by forming ourselves into teams.

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