Chapter 06: Footnotes Index

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Critical Mass: To Survive in a Global Market, You Have To Start Big
Without enough uranium you can't start a chain reaction. Without enough capital you can't start a business. And the critical mass needed grows with the market.

DSS Savings Limit Grid-Locks The Poor Into Permanent Poverty
The upper limit on savings, imposed on those dependent on state welfare, deprives them of a means by which they could escape their economic inactivity.

Energy Barrier: Analogy for The Cause of Free Market Exclusion
It is the force that favours the status quo. It is the latch on the door to the free market that ensures that all whom misfortune casts out, become locked out.

High Cost of Marketing Relegates Most Good Products To Oblivion
Developing what technically may be the perfect product is fine. But if you don't have the money to market your perfect product it'll never see the light of day.

Instruments of Acquisition by Which The Favoured Few Grow Rich
All of us were born on this planet. But most of us own none of it. Ownership of the Earth is a privilege of a few, which is naively upheld by a stupid majority.

Living on Benefit: My Struggle with The DSS Savings Limit Penalty
Commentary on my accounts for 1991 to 2001 during the debilitating Thatcher-Major era when it cost the unemployed more to save money than the rich to borrow it.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 06: Footnotes Index
Social Isolation, Marketing, Critical Mass, DSS Savings Limit, Market Exclusion, Acquisition, Blaming Society, Nebulous Money, Social Isolation, Competition.

Lost Inheritance: Chapter 06: Poverty Sticks: Blaming Society
Blaming yourself for your predicament is easy. Nobody will condemn you for that. But blaming society takes courage, for it will provoke the indignation of all.

Means of Exchange: The Nebulous Nature of The Value of Money
People see the value of money as absolute: a fixed frame against which anything can be valued. But perception is relative including that of the value of money.

Poverty: Resulting Social Isolation Erodes One's Ability To Reconnect
The severe poverty, to which state welfare subjects the unemployed, forcibly isolates them from the very society to which they are accused of not contributing.

Short Wave Broadcasting as an Analogy for Free Market Competition
The short wave bands are a cacophony of competing signals from all over the world. Only the powerful stations of the rich nations can be heard above the noise.

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