Chapter 05: Footnotes Index

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Living on Benefit: Public Transport is too Expensive and Inflexible
Outside a major city, public transport cannot provide the flexibility required for finding work. Besides, for job seekers on state welfare it's too expensive.

Living on Benefit: Social Exclusion: The Isolating Effect of Poverty
State welfare supposedly provides those who are unemployed or unable to work with their bodily needs of food, clothing and shelter. But the mind also has needs.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): Amputation of Household Functions
Like an advanced life-form, a household too, when deprived of sufficient means of sustaining itself fully, is forced to amputate its less vital functions.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): From Riches To Rags: The Cost of Clothing
Clothing one's family from a State Welfare budget in an expensive area is hard enough, without having to battle against child-targeting corporate merchandising.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): Having to Halve Our In-Work Food Costs
Food is the most basic need of life. Yet on Welfare, the amount one has to spend on it is the only item in the household budget that it is possible to squeeze.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): My Car: Luxury or Functional Necessity
Without artificial transport it is no longer possible to function as a member of society. Public transport is inadequate & expensive. A car is the only option.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): No Budget For Maintenance and Replacement
Buildings and furnishings deteriorate. Domestic appliances wear out. Crockery chips and breaks. Facts which State welfare seems conveniently to overlook.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): Our Family Income Spreadsheet Table
Complete table of our domestic finances from which the various graphs in Chapter 5 are generated. Key to column heading abbreviations appears after the table.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): Profile of a Benefit-Dependent Family
I commend all my children who despite having had to do without so much have maintained a determination to exist in this reprehensible society as best they can.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): Struggle To Keep The Tools of My Trade
A computer is the basic tool of my trade. I need it to maintain my skills. Yet DSS rules say I may keep tools of my trade only up to a fraction of its value.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): The Creeping Extra Costs of Education
Though my sons are in State school, I have been increasingly pressured to spend more and more on education. This may have gone unnoticed were I not on Welfare.

Living on Welfare (Benefit): The Terrifying Spectre of Destitution
People think welfare works. But Benefit rules can bring destitution upon any genuinely needy person at any time for reasons that defy common sense or humanity.

Living on Welfare Benefit: Energy: The Crippling Cost of Keeping Warm
Modern society denies most the option their ancestors had of going into the forest to gather fuel for heating & cooking. Fuel can now only be bought with money.

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Luxury or Necessity, Riches To Rags, Home Finances, Keeping Fed, Keeping Warm, Social Exclusion, Public Transport, Tools of My Trade, Costs of Education, Tax.

Right-Honourable TAX-PAYING Member of The Long Term Unemployed
Yes, the unemployed, who must exist on a disgracefully miserable level of welfare, must still pay tax in several forms. Graph of my income & taxation 1977-2000.

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