Chapter 04: Footnotes Index

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Business Barriers: Corporate Bully Diverts Blame for Own Incompetence
Computer projects often turn sour. And when they do, it is the independent artisan who invariably is made the scapegoat, being branded as the obvious cowboy.

Business Barriers: Nine Obstacles to Success in the Global Free Market
Lack of capital; image, personality & deficiency barriers; marketing cost, market prejudice, restrictive practice, subsidized competition & corporate bullying.

Can Work; Won't Work: Unjust Public Opinion About The Unemployed
The rich deserve their wealth because they've earned it. Society owes no­body a living. An employer has no moral duty to employ me. It's his busi­ness. Right?

Carer's Diary of a Relapse: An Official Threat From The Health Service
It seems that protection of professional reputation takes precedence over patient confidentiality which takes precedence over the rights of a patient's family.

Carer's Diary of a Relapse: The Unmedicated Onset Medics Never See
My diary of events relating to the on-set of my wife's relapse after she came off medication in April 2000. It is solely my view of what I saw, felt & suffered.

Carer's Diary of a Relapse: Threatening Letter From Health Trust
The local health trust took offence at my honest day to day observations on my wife's relapse, saying it implied that its professionals were inept or negligent.

DSS Benefit Rules Thwart Every Opportunity For Re-employment
The restrictive rules imposed by the state, under which I am required to seek work, actively prevent me from exploiting golden opportunities for re-employment.

Employee-Plus Approach: Offering My Skills & My Products as a Package
Employment is always a buyer's market. So the employee who offers most gets the job. I tried to offer more to employers by adding my products to my experience.

Employment Barriers: Ageism, Interviewer Ignorance, Globaization...
With such negligent wastage of mature talent, it is little wonder the captains of the IT industry are forever bleating about their insoluble skills shortage.

Employment Relocation: Global Geographic Polarisation of Skills
The demand for information technology design and development skills seems to be gravitating on a global scale towards ever fewer and larger geographic centres.

Freedom of Travel: A Freedom The Law Allows But Poverty Denies
I live in a so-called free country. Legally I'm free. Notwithstanding, the degree to which my legal freedoms can be realised depends on the extent of my wealth.

Government Bureaucracy: Rules Forced Me to Destroy My own Career
Idiotic official rules imposed upon the unemployed have forced me to engage for over a decade in the systematic destruction of my own opportunities to get work.

Government Bureaucracy: The Constrictive Rules of Job-Seeking
The inflexible rules, through which government employment advisers are forced to deliver their help, turn the whole process of job-seeking into a futile chore.

Inadequate Means: The Jobless are Businesses With No Marketing Budget
Governments, in decreeing what the unemployed job seeker needs to live on, overlook what it costs to market oneself in today's fiercely competitive job market.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 04: Footnotes Index
Barriers: Employment, Business; Stifled by Rules, Freedom of Travel, Mental Illness, Skill Polarisation, Unwillingly Idle, Unfair Contracts, Workfare Scam.

Mental Illness: A Carer's View: Health Professions Cannot Sense Onset
Life does not naturally deal to each an equal share of health, wealth and opportunity. A civilised society is supposed to compensate for such unfairness.

Ruthless Rules of Welfare: Our Correspondence with Officialdom
Letters between me and my son on the one hand and the DSS, the NHS and our Member of Parliament on the other about my son's mental illness and his welfare.

Ruthless Rules of Welfare: There Simply To Avert Social Insurrection
When ruthless rules enforced by bloody-minded bureaucracy deny me my basic needs, what does society expect me to do: appeal, steal, or starve to death quietly?

TECs: The Desparate Need For a Job Seeker's View of the Economy
Systematic job-seeking requires knowledge of one's economic environment. This exists, but in the wrong form and beyond the reach of those who need it.

Unemployed Need An Effective Job-Seeker's Information Source
Competition in the recruitment industry fragments & disperses job vacancy information, making the task of a resource-starved job-seeker impossibly complicated.

Unemployment Stats: Unemployed or Unwillingly Economically Inactive?
Official figures do not portray unemployment as much of an issue. Figures from independent sources tell a different story. My observations favour the latter.

Unfair Employment Contracts: Corporate Theft of Intellectual Property
An employee is paid only for the work he does. But employers, through unfair contracts of employment frequently try to lay claim to far more than they pay for.

Workfare: Unpaid Voluntary Work is Exploitation of the Unemployed
It is argued that the unemployed should be put to work to earn their welfare. But if they are put to work, why shouldn't they be paid a fair wage for that work?

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