Chapter 3: A Vital Key

Footnote: Master Plan for Humanity

The plan appears to be to transform human society into the family of god: to change an earth-bound colony of physical life-forms into a community of eternal beings with the run of the entire physical universe and the higher reality beyond it. The plan comprises 7 distinct phases.

All 7 phases of this master plan have not yet taken place. Those which have not are therefore as yet outside human experience. Current human knowledge therefore has no frame of reference against which to interpret directly any word-based expl­an­ation of it. It can therefore only be explained in terms of analogy.

Dividing Time

Photo of the full moon. The phases of a plan — or indeed any process — are to do with the dividing of time. Nature provides time div­id­ing processes. Day and night. Phases of the moon. Sea­s­ons of the year. The analogy on which the phases of the Master Plan for human society is based is the 7-day week. Opinion is divided as to whether the 7-day week is based on natural moon phases or has been maintained artificially by religious custodians under divine guaran­tee. Either way — throughout the vast diversity of hu­m­an society, culture and religion on this planet — it is un­cannily universal. It has been kept in place, it appears, despite human error, opposition or apathy.

Body and substance are given to this 7-phase analogy by mapping it onto the task the gods performed in preparing the Earth's biosphere for human habitation. They spent 6 days building it. Then a 7th day was used to give spiritual instruction to the humans they had placed within it. The message often uses the term 'day' to re­present an integrated period of 1,000 years. This may or may not apply here. How­ever, it does appear to apply in the case of the Master Plan of which this creation week is the prototype analogy. Again, when used in such phrases as "in that day", the word 'day' implies an era of history or prophecy of indeterminate length.

The Plan seems to be to let human society evolve as a free-running complex dyn­a­mical system under the divergent rules of unrestrained self-interest for 6 millennia until it is on the point of self-annihilation, then to physically intervene and sort it all out during a 7th millennium. However, it is emphasised that this whole process is event-driven: it is not clock-driven. The prophetic timing is therefore approximate: not chronometrical. It will be when society reaches its critical point that the gods will intervene and start the 7th millennium: not necessarily at the turn of any part­icular millennium.

The Overall Plan

Depiction of the 7-day cycle. Almost every enclave of human society organises its activities according to a 7-day cycle. Almost every human being on Earth is thereby equipped with a semantic framework against which to understand this Master Plan. However, the Seven Millennia Week provides only a coarse overview of the plan. It gives no more than a broad low-resolution picture. It declares the int­en­tion, but gives no detail as to how that intention is to be real­ised.

A transient 7-phase divine plan. The message asserts that for the first 6 millennia from the dawn of human history, the Earth's surface is essentially the jurisdiction of the Adversary. Occasionally, the gods have, as part of their plan, invaded a small part and established a little oasis of tranquillity in the midst of the turmoil. The first such oasis was the Garden of Delight in which they put the first instances of the human life-form. They taught these humans their knowledge. But these humans also accepted the teach­ings of the Adversary. The effect was that their knowledge became an incongruous mixture of good and evil — far more dangerous and con­fusing than undiluted evil. So this first oasis was abandoned and all­ow­ed to be reclaimed by the jungle, so to speak.

That first oasis, however, did not contain enough human life-forms to make up even a minimal anthropological community. It could not therefore be said to be a society. The first model society, according to the message, was ancient Israel. This society was established as a prototype scale model upon which all human society will be eventually be built. Furthermore, it was brought into being according to a detailed phased plan. And the phasing of this plan is the same as that which will be used to establish this society globally in the 7th Millennium.

A Temporal Analogy

The plan is what science would call a transient process, as opposed to a cyclic one. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It does not endlessly repeat. But being the central issue in all human life, the gods realised that man would have to be re­peatedly reminded of it. They therefore decreed that certain days throughout the year should be set aside to act as a cyclic reminder of this transient process. To prevent people from assuming that the cyclic reminder represented a cyclic pro­cess, it appears that the gods built into the cycle a deliberate irregularity.

Linear depiction of the variability in the lengths of the 7 phases of the divine plan.

The Earth's spin, the Moon's orbit round the Earth and the Earth's orbit round the Sun have inexact relationships. This ensures that the day of the week, the day of the month and the day of the year on which each of these special days falls is rare­ly ever repeated exactly. Viewed against a synchronised solar year, the positions of these special days (shown above in red) — and even their relative spacings — jitter erratically. I speculate that they were made asynchronous deliberately, firstly be­cause they represent the phases of a once-only transient process, and secondly because the times between the phases are not pre-set, but depend on when certain predicted circumstances materialise within the complex dynamic of human society.

There are 7 of these special days. Each represents 1 phase of the process. I sum up these 7 phases in the 7 words: extraction, isolation, instruction, acquisition, cont­ract, expedition and transformation.

But for physical human beings to be able to understand this higher process by which a nation of gods would be brought into being, it was necessary to construct a physical model to serve as an analogue of this higher process. The physical an­alogies of the 7 phases of this higher spiritual process are the 7 phases, detailed below, through which the ancient nation of Israel was established.

Phase 1: Extraction

Artist's impression of the extraction of the Children of Israel from Egypt. The ancient Israelites were trapped in an Evil Empire. They were not free to follow any way of life but that imposed upon them by their oppressors. No amount of negotiation or petitioning could persuade their enslav­ers to let them go. Like all oppressors, they would only respond to raw physical force. They had to be stung. Next, with their op­p­ressors having been thus temporarily para­lysed, they were extracted from the Evil Em­pire. But the oppressors came after them. So finally the forces of the oppressors had to be destroyed.

Phase 2: Isolation

Ancient Israel was thus placed in isolation — not only from the Evil Empire they had left, but also from the rest of the Adversary's world.

Phase 3: Instruction

Artist's impression of Moses receiving the 10 commandments. Here, once they had been away from the in­fluences of their past for some time, the Is­rael­ites were given instruction on the struc­t­ure and rules for a new kind of socio-econ­o­mic order according to which they contr­act­ed to live. Sadly, the old ways and beliefs in which they had been raised during their childhoods in the Evil Empire wouldn't leave them. They felt a fear at rejecting the teach­ings which had been instilled in them as children. As a result, they kept reverting to their old ways and beliefs. Therefore it had to be left to the children of these people — who had never been exposed to the ways and beliefs of the Evil Empire — to take up this new social order.

Phase 4: Acquisition

The human life-form cannot survive without its needs of life. It is unable to create its needs of life. It can only acquire them by applying its labour to fertile land. The ancient Israelites were in a desert. They were supplied with their needs of life by the gods. The sheer logistics of maintaining an army to chase them around the des­ert and bring them back was doubtless impossible for their former oppressors — or anybody else for that matter.

This unnatural mode of sustainment was never intended to be permanent. It was a means to an end. The plan was always to establish these people as a nation with a self-sustaining socio-economy. A human being cannot gain its needs of life other than by applying its labour to the fertile earth. Likewise a nation, without fertile land, can neither establish nor maintain a self-sustaining economy. To be able to survive without their umbilical food supply, they had to become established as a viable socio-economy. Therefore the next phase in the master plan was the acquisi­tion of fertile land.

Artist's rendering of the battle of Jericho. This was achieved by approaching an existing nat­ion sized portion of fertile land and forcibly eject­ing its indigenous population. However, the force by which this land was conquered was not human. The people merely watched while the gods forcibly acquired the land for them. All compon­ents for this new socio-economic experiment were now pre­sent. Namely: the people, the land by which they would be able to transform their labour into their needs of life, and the rules according to which they should conduct their relationships both with the land and with each other.

The next phase had to be to bring all these components together to form a single integrated working socio-economy. The most vital component was a complex dyna­mical system made up of a very large number of individual human beings. Every human being has free will. Therefore, to enable this new socio-economy to work, it was necessary for each of its members to enter into a contract by which each would undertake to abide by its rules.

Phase 5: A Contract

This contract was between each individual and the gods. Under it, every individual was given his own specific piece of the land. He thereby came into direct posses­sion of the essential means of turning his labour into his needs of life. But, this land, and his economic use of it, also gave him the rich framework of natural ana­logies he would need in order to understand a message that would reveal the whole purpose of his human existence.

The contract included many things. The gods would give rain at the right time for plentiful harvests. They would protect the land from invasion by enemies. They would forgive and correct the mistakes that their human charges were bound, by their self-centred free-will nature, to make all too often. For their part, the people simply had to agree by their best endeavours to abide by the rules that the gods had specified. The contract was duly ratified.

Phase 6: Expedition

The next phase of this master plan was to expedite — or set in motion — the above contract. According to my perception of the message, this involved these people living as a model society in accordance with the ideology laid down by the contract. Like a kind of idyllic 1000-year Reich. By so doing, they were to become a working example of the way the gods intended human beings to live together as a fair and caring society. They were to serve as an example to all the other nations of Planet Earth in the hope that, seeing what a good life these people lived, they would all want to live that way too.

Ended in Failure

But the Israelites failed in their quest. They began to be curious about the other nations round about them. They infused their idyllic way of life the gods had given them with the self-seeking and competitive practices of their neighbouring nations. Like the original two human life-forms in the Garden of Delight, they practised a mixture of good and evil. Pure evil is easy to recognise but a mixture of good and evil is not.

Artist's rendering of the capture, transportation and enslavement of the descendents of the Children of Israel. Amalgams of truth with misinformation lead only to confusion. They added personal anniversaries and pagan feasts to the 7 holy days the gods had given them. To these people, the 7 holy days thus lost their exclusive status. Their unique and ultim­ate mission lost its focus. They became just an­other nation. The gods withdrew their protection. As a result they were invaded, conquered, occu­pied, and enslaved. Their society disintegrated, fragmented, and dissolved into the nations of the world. Their land, which was to have been the new Garden of Delight, merged back into the wilder­ness.

As a result, the final phase of the master plan could not take place at that time. Although its purpose was to serve as a working model of the ideal human nation, this idyllic 1000-year Reich had another greater purpose. This was to provide the socio-economic environment in which individual human beings could develop spirit­ually to the point of perfection required for them to be able to be transformed into gods. But this now had to wait.

Overview of History

Meanwhile, the world carried on as it had done from the dawn of history. A century ago and beyond, socio-economic interaction was a relatively insular activity. Skills were local. Knowledge was local. Supplies were local. The market was local. Life was not much affected by happenings beyond the local community, and certainly not by events taking place outside the nation. Any interaction on the global scale was sparse and unhurried. Economies were essentially agrarian. They followed the steady tick-tock of the seasons, locked inescapably to the invariant solar cycle. The rhythm of life was slow, regular, predictable and reassuring.

A computerised stock exchange trading station. But things have changed. Over the past two or three centuries, the pace of human society has hot­ted up to the point where it is rapidly appro­aching a socio-economic crescendo. The old local­ised swirls of economic activity are now swamped by a tempestuous maelstrom of global proportions whose erratic variations and chaotic periodicities have no regard for the established cycle of the seasons. Wealth and well-being are no longer det­ermined by the skill of the hand and the wisdom of the mind. The fortunes of whole populations are gambled daily in a global computer game played by an elite minority of self-seeking opportunists, while the rhythm of life fibrillates towards self-de­st­ruction.

Its effect on the individual has been traumatic. It has dispossessed him of his nat­u­ral means of turning his labour into his needs of life and placed him in bondage to a self seeking capitalist. It has driven him relentlessly from his family, his community and his rural heritage into a suburban work camp of intellectual and ethnic stran­gers. It has supplanted his traditional knowledge and inherited values with the raw data and cold immorality of naked self-interest.

The socio-economic systems, under which the individual has been constrained to live over the past 6,000 years, have de-facilitated him for the purpose for which he was put on the Earth in the first place. They have increasingly and systematically taken away the natural means the gods provided to help him to develop into a physical working prototype of a future god. In today's oppressive environment, he is no more empowered to fulfil his destiny than is a farmer able to grow crops while confined to a prison cell. He is stifled. He is a bird with clipped wings.

The Shape of Things To Come

A hit battle tank in flames. From what I can gather from the text, the mes­sage seems to imply that the economic fibrillation of global society will accelerate into world-engulf­ing conflict which would, left to itself, end in a rapid self-annihilation of the human species. But it says that this will be prevented by divine inter­vention. As I understand it, the god who died (Yahweh, Mel­chizedek, Jesus) and was reborn as a son of the other god (the Father, the Most High) invades and conquers the world. He then establ­ishes an entire­ly new and different world order. This lasts for a 1000 years. It starts with a model nation like anci­ent Israel. It is governed by the same system of fractal law which simply defines the protocol by which each acts towards his neigh­bour.

The model nation failed the first time. This is because the human mind on its own does not contain the faculty required to expand it beyond the prison of self-interest towards the outer limits of neighbourly concern. It does not have the 'policeman within' to make it adhere to fractal rules that keep all dealings between man and man always within the pull of a benign attractor. But it won't fail this time. The ex­ternal source of power, which each individual needs to maintain the policeman within, will be made available freely to all who want it. It wasn't made available the first time so that mankind would come to realise that he could not achieve his destiny without it.

The plan seems to be that this model nation should be the template for all other nations of the world to follow. It seems that other nations will gradually adopt its revolutionary socio-economic system, so that by the end of the 1,000 years, the whole world will be operating that way. Then, during a further 100-year period, every human being that has ever lived will be resurrected in physical form to live his second life-span. Finally, if during this second lifetime, he chooses to follow his intended destiny, he will be reborn as a god.

Individual Destiny

Almost every human individual who has ever lived has lived in bondage under one or other of the austere régimes that have dominated human history. But never more so than under global capitalism, which enslaves almost all who are alive to­day. Ultimately, we must be liberated, as were the ancient Israelites from Egypt. We are unable to pursue our destiny here and now. We have been dispossessed of the means. We must want and wait. But we must also know that the time will come. Like all bullies, the favoured few, who now possess the Earth, will be addressed in the one and only language to which they will respond. That is, violence and destr­uc­tion on a scale never before witnessed by human eyes.

Many will die. Some will live through it. But the Earth will be conquered and re­new­ed. The favoured few will have been dispossessed. The meek shall inherit the Earth. Each shall have his own means to turn his labour into his needs of life. This will provide him with the context of analogy with which to comprehend his ultimate destiny. He must then pass personally through the 7 stages of:

  1. coming out of, rejecting and forsaking the old ways,
  2. coming into an environment conducive to his spiritual development,
  3. receiving instruction in a new mindset and system of values,
  4. acquiring the power to achieve perfection,
  5. signing up to the new revolutionary social constitution,
  6. living a new life whose goal is perfection, and finally
  7. being transformed into a child of god.

It appears from the message that most will tread the path to this wonderful destiny after the Earth has been subdued, and the 1000-year Reich established. However, also it alludes to a small group of individuals, each of whom has been — often very reluctantly — recruited to go through all this now.

The reason seems to be to train helpers for managing this gargantuan 1,000-year operation. It seems that these people are hopefully to be reborn as gods the very moment the god (who died and was reborn as a son of the other god) invades and conquers the world. They then help him set up and run the new 1,000-year régime.

The message says they are there — somewhere. However, I imagine that if I met them I would encounter a resolute bunch of fallible no-bullshit rough diamonds ra­ther than a mince of namby-pamby religious do-gooders. But I could be wrong. Any­way, if you find them, email me.


This is the message as best I can figure it out. I do not write with any divine author­ity I know of, nor do I profess to preach. Nor am I all that religious in a conventional sense. I am only human. I can only see what appears to my senses. I can only view the world from my own position within it. I can only interpret what I see through my own fallible powers of perception. But there is one thing I will say. I have told it as I honestly see it — at the moment.

Having studied and abstracted some credible ideas from this divine message and master plan for mankind, and knowing it will take extreme intervention plus some kind of evolutionary quantum leap to change the present status quo, why did I bother coming up with all the stuff in Chapter 12 of this book? I did it because this present society is grossly unfair. Government and media seem oblivious to the cauldron of unrest presently writhing and churning beneath the ordered surface of society. It can only be a matter of time before it explodes.

And an explosion it must be. The message of the story of the Exodus of the Child­ren of Israel is that the slave can never negotiate his way out of slavery, be he the ancient Israelite under the bondage of Egypt or the modern employee under the bondage of corporate capitalism.

For a slave to gain his freedom, brute physical force is the only way. He has no choice but to acquire or be given the means to physically and decisively sting his enslavers with increasing severity until they finally relent and eject him. But they will chase after him to recapture and re-enslave him. They do not want to lose such a vital economic asset. So he must then destroy their ability to exert physical force. He must destroy them militarily. Then he will be free but with no natural means of turning his labour into his needs of life. So he must have — or be given — an ex­ternal supply of food, clothing and shelter in order to sustain himself. He must run on batteries. But batteries have limited duration. He must acquire his own land: his own fair piece of Planet Earth. Then he must — along with others of his kind — est­ablish and uphold a new egalitarian socio-economic order.

I believe what I have proposed in this book to be a much fairer system. I could easily be wrong. It may contain some fundamental flaw I cannot see. Nevertheless, I believe that even if so much as a single nation or state were to give it a fair try, the world could not possibly be a worse place than it is today. It may even become better. I see no reason to "wait for kingdom come" to start at least trying to im­prove the condition of mankind.

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