Chapter 3: A Vital Key

Footnote: Life After Death

The message within the Judeo-Christian Bible seems to say something dif­ferent and mutually inconsistent to everybody. I wish to offend nobody's faith, but this is what it says to me concerning what one might call 'life after death'. [Português]

From The Point of View of The Individual

The human individual is born as a baby. It grows. It lives. It dies. The mean duration of this process is 70 years. After the individual has died, he has no conscious exist­ence, and therefore no sense of the passing of time. However, all the individual's memories and characteristics — the informational essence of what makes him who he is — is stored as if on a celestial diskette. Thus, the experience of death is the same as that of sleep.

After an indeterminate time — anything from a thousand to many thousands of years — he is resurrected to a new life as an adult human being with a new phys­ical body that makes him immediately recognizable as who he is. But he awakes into a world (still on this same planet) that is totally different from the one in which he died. It is a benign world run by Jesus Christ. Here, the individual lives a good full life.

In this second lifetime, he compares his experience in the old life (our present world) with his new life (in the new world). Here he hopefully develops into a fully evolved human being with the laws of brotherly love 'written in his heart'. If he does, then at the end of his 100-year life here, he will be transformed into a god with an incorruptible body composed of 'spirit'. If he chooses the contrary and does not wish to evolve to this next stage, he will die normally, never to be resurrected again.

A Special Mission for The Favoured Few

A very few individuals in this first lifetime are predestined by God to be called to take part in a divine mission. These are granted the specific conditions to be able to evolve spiritually during this first lifetime. Each of the majority of those called will die normally at the end of his natural life.

Jesus Christ will return to the Earth. At this time, each called one will then be resur­rected immediately and transformed into a god. Those who are actually still alive at this time will be transformed immediately without first having to die physically. All these called ones are referred to as firstfruits because they become gods over 1000 years before most people in order to fulfil their mission of helping Jesus Christ to reform the world.

The Grand Time-Plan

  1. Creation: The Gods created the Universe and Earth. They formed the bio­sphere of the Earth into an environment suitable for human life. One of the Gods — in humanoid form — called Melchizedek or the Logos — conversed directly with certain selected human individuals regarding his Grand Plan for humanity.

  2. Israel: Melchizedek (the Logos) liberated an enslaved race called Israel and set them up in a land of their own under an egalitarian constitution. The in­div­idual responsibility this brought was too great for these spiritually un­evolved people. They demanded a totalitarian king like the other nations, and so they lived from then onwards under a monarchic hierarchy. All but 2 of their 12 tribes soon disappeared into the mêlée of humanity.

  3. Jesus Christ: Melchizedek (the Logos) relinquished his god-form to become born as a human baby called Jesus. At the age of 30 years, he began a 7 year ministry to deliver a message about the Kingdom of God to humanity but he was cut off half-way through. He then became resurrected and trans­formed into a god. During his ministry he had founded a small group of followers — a Church — who were predestined to become the firstfruits. His torturous untimely death somehow provided the means by which all human beings could later also become transformed into gods.

  4. The present Epoc: Humans live and die in a terrible world ruled by them­selves. Without divine intervention, humanity would eventually destroy it­self. Within this world exists the Church that Jesus started and which cont­inues to preach his message. But essentially it has disappeared into the mêlée of humanity the way the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel did.

  5. The Millennium: Jesus Christ will return. His firstfruits will be resurrected and transformed into gods. They will reform human society over the entire Earth and rule it for 1000 years. During this time ordinary humans will con­tinue to live and die normally.

  6. The Judgement: Each human who has ever lived will be resurrected to live a full physical life, after which he will be either transformed into a god, or enter the oblivion of eternal death.

  7. The New Jerusalem will descend to the Earth and all will live happily ever after in the presence of God.

The structure of the whole process, including the part of Jesus Christ, is pictured by the 7 annual Holy Days that Ancient Israel was commanded to keep.

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