Chapter 03: Footnotes Index

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7-day Week: Its Origin in Moon Phases & Dark Moon Days [Mondays]
It is evident from lunar observation and history that originally the lunar month comprised four 7-day weeks plus 1 or 2 dark moon days to maintain synchronism.

Ancient Texts: Semantic Shift Between Ancient Writer & Modern Reader
There are many mechanisms that shift the meaning of an ancient text. So what the modern reader understands will be different what the ancient writer intended.

Bible: Some of its Logical, Philosophical and Doctrinal Anomalies
Ideas that do not make sense: a life taken and returned, notions of sin and guilt, act of Judas, man in the image of god, an all-seeing god, heaven: what then?

Biblical Message: A Strictly Personal View of What The Bible Says
The Bible is one of many texts whose contents are, without substantiation, believed by its followers to be the words of beings from beyond our physical domain.

Biblical Tithing: Fundamentally Different From 10% Of One's Salary
Tithing is fundamentally different from income tax. Tithing is 10% of a gain set by natural fecundity: not ~35% of an arbitrary market value for human labour.

Holy Spirit: Many Non-Christians Have a Stronger Moral Conscience
Is there a hyper-universe, beyond what we can physically perceive, in which live omnipotent self-existent beings who wish us to communicate with them?

Interpreting Messages: A Fuzzy Overview is Safer Than Isolated Detail
Many religious groups hang a pivotal doctrine upon a single sentence. Truth is more accurately perceived through a fuzzy overview of an entire scripture.

Language Barrier: Ultimate Guarantor of Mutual Misunderstanding
Different languages are not only different ways of coding meaning into sounds & signs. They are also different ways of seeing the world, with different ideals.

Life After Death: What Seems To Me To Be The Biblical 7-Stage Plan
The Bible seems to say something different and mutually inconsistent to everybody. This is what it says to me concerning what one might call 'life after death'.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 03: Footnotes Index
Ancient Texts, Bible Anomalies, Gospel, Language Barrier, Human Destiny, Lunar Cycle, Religion/Disclaimer, Salvation, Tick-Box Forms, Tax & Tithing, Life/Death.

Master Plan for Humanity: My Understanding of the Biblical Message.
To transform an earth-bound colony of physical life-forms into a community of super-beings with the run of the physical universe and the higher reality beyond.

Religious Disclaimer: My Own Present Position as Regards Religion
In one phase of my life I was very religious. I studied the Bible fanatically. I will now state my history and clarify my present position on religious belief.

Salvation: An Alternative View: Transformation Would be More Accurate
The Bible seems to assert that I need to be saved from something and that the only way I can be saved from it is to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's life.

Tick-Box Forms: The Dysfunctional Sub-Language of Bureaucracy
The constrictive sublanguage of a modern official tick-box form is a woefully ineffective means of communicating the needs and circumstances of the individual.

Vida Após da Morte: O Que Parece Ser o Plano Bíblico de 7 Estágios
A Bíblia parece dizer algo diferente e mutuamente inconsistente para todo mundo. Isso é o que me diz sobre o que se poderia chamar de 'vida após a morte'.

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