G The Biblical Message: A Strictly Personal View of What The Bible Says

Chapter 3: A Vital Key

Footnote: The Biblical Message

The Judeo-Christian Bible is one of many texts whose contents are believed by its followers to be the words of beings from beyond our physical do­m­ain. Its message seems to say something different and mutually inconsist­ent to everybody. I wish to offend nobody's faith, but this is what it says to me.

Depiction of god-beings. Since long before the physical universe came into being, there has existed, in a higher reality, a species of life we refer to as god. Members of this species are not composed of physical material like our own hydro-carbon based life-forms. They are composed of a literally indestructible material we analogically call wind. We call it wind because it cannot be sensed directly by physical beings like ourselves. We only become aware of its indirect effects, as and when the beings that are composed of it choose to manifest them­selves in a physical form.

A Relationship

The species of being we call god seems to comprise only two members. Only two are ever mentioned. Each is a separate autonomous individual with independent free will. They talk to each other. They plan and do things together. As such they have a working relationship. It is a perfect relationship. They agree in all things. They always see eye-to-eye.

They are self existent: they do not need any external source of food, clothing or shelter in order to survive. Neither do they need any external source of materials, force or energy in order to create a universe. They have all their needs within their own beings. They are completely self-sufficient.

Within Space & Time

The fabric of space-time. Engaging in conversation, expediting plans and having a relationship all seem to me to neces­sit­ate the exchange of information. Every ex­change of information is an event. Events can only occur within a framework of time. Separation can only be manifest within a framework of space. For be­ings to have separate independent existences, they must inhabit some form of space. Consequ­ently, to my mind, the higher reality which these god beings inhabit must be framed in something that is at least analogous to the physical space-time continuum within which our physical universe is framed.

An Unfulfilled Need

Despite their self-sufficiency, there was something these beings desired but did not yet have. And that was company. The company of others of their kind.

Being unemployed and poor, within a society in which one cannot so much as move without parting with money, I, and the other members of my family, understand the feeling only too well of being isolated from our natural community of fellow humans.

What these two original god-beings wished for was to be part of a vast family of others of their genus with whom they could relate and share their wonderful existence. They therefore devised and embarked on a master plan by which to realise this wish. Our human existence in this physical universe is part of that plan.

The Material Creation

Distant galaxies. They formed what we conceive of as physical real­ity — the physical universe. If current scientific theories are correct, this occurred about 13,000 million years ago at the event we call the Big Bang. Before triggering off this primordial explo­sion, it is evident that they had already enacted the laws of cause-and-effect, which determined the general form and content of the universe it would produce. From this enormous explosion, they thus created the vast physical framework, together with a complete kit of standard molecular components from which to build the means by which they would repro­duce their own kind.

The Earth's biosphere. With these molecular components, they then built, within the planetary framework, a terrestrial bio­sphere. This comprised a planetary surface rich in elements necessary for hydro-carbon based life, and an atmosphere with the right balance of gas­ses needed to sustain life-processes. Within this environment, by one means or another, they gave rise to a myriad species of life forming an inter­dependent eco-system. This eco-system was eng­innered to have a vastly over-productive capacity with which to sustain a huge population of a higher yet-to-be-created physical life-form that would be­come the focus of their plan.

The Creation of Man

These god-beings then engineered or fashioned this higher physical life-form to be a perfect physical model or replica of themselves. This life-form is known as human. The precise mechanism or process by which this was achieved is not relevant here.

However, whereas the gods themselves were composed of a material we can only refer to analogically as wind (matter of the higher reality which is inherently everlasting and indestructible), they deliberately engineered humans from physical material. This has an important property, which the material of which they are composed does not share. It deteriorates. It wears out. It decomposes.

When one examines the physical material of our physical universe at the micro­scopic or quantum-mechanical level, one beholds a kit of fundamental mechanisms that exhibit an uncanny degree of permanency. For though they are in a continuous state of flux they do not deteriorate, decompose or wear out in quite the same sense as do the larger mechanisms of the macroscopic world. This nobleness of fundamental matter in fact shows the act of creating life-forms — which are able to be born, grow up, live for a prescribed life-span, then wear out, die and decompose — to have been an unsurpassed engineering achievement.

This gave every instance of this physical replica of themselves a quality that was vital to their plan. Each one had only a transitory existence. This transitory, physical, working model of the god-being is of course the human being.

Sexual Dichotomy

Sexual dichotomy. It is well to note that it is the generic human life-form that is made in the physical image of the god-species, not just one particular variant of it. The gods made this physical working model of them­selves in two main variants: male and female. The power of re­production which this slight physical dichotomy gives the human life-form not only facilitates its self-multiplication, but in the pro­cess generates variety. As a result, the over 7 billion instances of the human being alive on the planet today are of many different shapes, shades and aptitude profiles.

Sexual dichotomy in the human life-form also extends to the brain and hence the mind, giving each gender a slightly different view of the world. This gives a couple lots to discuss, which in turn helps build a more intense relationship. It also gives a couple a somewhat stereoscopic view of life, which has much greater depth than the singular view of a lone individual of either gender.

From a bio-engineering perspective, it would probably have been a lot easier to build into a single human gender a mechanism that would, at appropriate times, trigger it to create clones of itself. But these would all be identical with the original. No variety would exist between members of the human family. Therefore indivi­duals would have nothing to learn about each other that they did not already know from themselves. As a result, there would be no reason or motive to develop rela­tion­ships.

Clearly, the purpose of split-gender reproduction is to inject the variety into the hu­man species necessary to inspire the individuals within it into developing relation­ships.

Encouraging Relationship

The most powerful force that motivates the development of relationships is of course the dichotomy of gender. Race, shape, size, personality and aptitude could — under a different kind of world order — also be positive forces for inspiring the development of interpersonal relationships. However, perhaps the main reason the gods had for implementing split-gender reproduction in this physical image of themselves was that it must, in some way, be a physical analogue of the spiritual process by which they are reproducing themselves, and of which transitory human life is but one of its phases.

The central issue throughout this message-from-beyond is relationships. The im­plied reason why the gods want to reproduce their own kind is to create an innum­erable family of fellow beings with whom to develop mutually benevolent peer-to-peer relationships in a universe of eternal happiness. But this is no easy task. Rela­tionships between self-existent free-will beings could so easily take another course. Their relationships would thereby become adversarial and mutually malevolent. This would inevitably result in a universe in which all were forced by their own lust to live for ever in a state of mutual distrust, conflict, misery and despair.

Which of these two possible states of existence this divine society falls into dep­ends on the nature of the rules by which its members conduct their interpersonal rela­tionships.

A bisexual hexagonal relationship network. The first one — the state of happiness — requires these rules to be what I term convergent. In this case, the behaviour of this divine society would be held within the gravitation of a stable strange attractor. As such it would be a complex dynamical sys­tem that would engender the development of an infinite variety of happy, benevolent interpersonal relationships, which would then grow and intensify throughout the rest of eternity.

Pyramid: symbol hierarchical autocracy. The second one — the state of misery — would result if these rules were or became what I term divergent. In this case, the structure of this divine society would rapidly assume the form of an oppressive pyramidal hierarchy of mutual distrust and conflict, resulting in every one of its members eventually be­coming isolated from all others within a state of absolute lone­liness and despair.

The two original god-beings had (and still have) a perfect interpersonal relation­ship. But a society of two cannot generate the beauty of a society of complex dynamical dimensions. That is what their great quest is all about.

A Race of Androids

Before they created our physical universe the gods first made a vast number of sentient beings. These are generally presumed to be of a lower order of being than god, although they are referred to more than once in the text of the message as 'sons of god'. Their function seems to be to provide the workforce needed to ex­pedite the ultimate plan of the gods. These beings are referred to in the text of the message as messengers. I suppose this is because, in the context of the message, this is the main function they performed at the time. As far as I can discern, they seem to be the divine equivalent of androids in that they were made complete out of some higher-reality material and as such cannot deteriorate or be destroyed. They are inert in that they cannot be born, grow, reproduce and die. However, the text of the message does suggest that, at one time in history at least, they pro­created offspring with human women to produce what are referred to as 'mighty men'. Nevertheless, they are sentient and appear to possess free-will.

If we were equipped with the senses necessary for seeing these 'divine androids' we would see that they look just like us. They have the same bodily form but made of an indestructible material. And they don't need food since their bodies contain their own in-built infinite energy source.

To a night-hunting animal or the infra-red imager of a police helicopter, human bodies appear to glow. Our human body temperature of a mere 37°C, resulting from the power generated by the combustion of food in our bodies, makes us radiate in the infra-red part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. However, the vastly greater power generated in the bodies of these super-beings causes them to radiate what would appear to us as a light of blinding intensity at the high end of our visible spectrum.

The Rebellion

Having served as the workforce through which the gods created the physical uni­verse, the earth and its life-filled biosphere, half of all these 'divine androids' laun­ch­ed a coup against the gods to try to take control of the universe in order to expedite an agenda of their own. [It is amazing how the same notion of androids rising up and usurping the humans that designed and built them is such a regular theme in science-fiction novels.] This is the danger of equipping the work of your hands with the faculty of free-will. In the inevitable conflict, those who mounted the coup were subdued, then confined to the surface of the Earth. However, as we are unable to sense them, we must assume that they exist in a part of higher reality which occupies the same space and time, but in the extended continuum.

Artistic impression of Satan and his demons. The prime mover of the coup — one of the first and most advanced of these divine androids — was named by his makers 'Morning Star'. This was perhaps primarily to illustrate to us by analogy what he looks like. What is commonly referred to as the Morning Star is in fact the planet Venus. When I see Venus rise ahead of the sun — brilliant even against the intense blue of the dawn horizon — I think I can begin to appreciate how such beings would appear to us if we were equipped to see them.

When Morning Star and his followers laun­ched their original coup against the gods, was subsequently overcome and ban­ish­ed to the surface of the Earth, the gods gave him a new name. They re­named him 'The Adversary'. He and his followers then incorporated themselves as a separate society. This was not a society built on loving interpersonal relationships, governed by egalitarian rules of conduct. It was a society ruled from the top down by fear and a lust for power and personal gain.

Oppressive Hierarchy

The Adversary had been created perfect. He was powerful. He possessed first hand knowledge of the most fundamental mechanics of the universe the gods had created. Left free by the gods to rule over and shape the entire Earth, he began to expedite his own agenda through those whom he had deceived into following him in his attempted coup against the gods.

He then engineered the continued loyalty of his followers by structuring them into a social hierarchy in which each member ruled-by-oppression those beneath him. And this oppressive hierarchy has been the essence of every kind of government which has ruled on this planet ever since.

Opposing Forces

So materialised a universal dichotomy. On the one hand were the gods, together with half the divine androids they had made. On the other hand was the adversary, together with the half he had beguiled into following him in his coup. On the one hand was a society in which each member, of his own free will, always acted bene­volently towards his neighbours. On the other hand was a society in which each individual was held in a state of terror by those above him in an oppressive hier­archy. The one (known as the good way) was governed by rules that I have referred to previously as convergent. The other (known as the evil way) was governed by rules that I have previously referred to as divergent.

These two opposing ways — one good, the other evil — existing together in the same universe, created between them what may be thought of as a force-field. Specifically it is an asymmetrical force-field like gravity with one of its poles (the evil one) being at some central point and other (the good one) at infinity. Thus, any sentient being caught within its field of influence naturally tends to 'free-fall' to­wards the way of evil. He tends to gravitate into a mode of behaviour that is socially destructive. To elevate himself into a mode of behaviour that is socially constructive, he must therefore exert deliberate and conscious effort against the pull of this analogous force of gravity. He must build the strength of his will as he would build the strength of his muscles against physical gravity.

In this bipolar universe, the Adversary ruled his Evil Empire upon the Earth while the gods ruled the rest of their creation.

Establishing a Bridgehead

Artist's depiction of the Garden of Eden. As an integral part of their plan, the gods then established a forward base within this Evil Empire. There they fashioned a small area of idyllic terre­strial environment, which they called the Garden of Delight. It was here that the god-beings created and placed the first two instances of humanity — a physical life-form that they model­led on themselves. Two instances of a per­fect physical version of the divine species.

Being actually embedded within the Adversary's Evil Empire, the Garden of Delight was probably the one place in the universe in which the flux of this analogous grav­it­ational force-field between good and evil was at its strongest. Yet, out of the whole universe, it was here that the gods chose to place the first instances of hu­man life. Here, right alongside them in a parallel dimension of the higher reality, lived the Adversary and his followers in their Evil Empire. Shangri-La nestling within the mouth of the dragon.

The Means To Achieve

Living on Planet Earth, these new life-forms were subjected to physical gravity. They needed muscles with which to lift and move their bodies. They had to build strength in their muscles by flexing them against this physical gravitational field.

But gravity was not a bad thing, simply to be overcome. It was essential for them to be able to control their bodily movement in a manner precise enough to enable them to do all the things necessary to sustain their lives, and to acquire knowledge about their terrestrial environment and of the physical universe beyond.

Gravity did imprison them on the planet. Their muscular power was not sufficient to achieve escape velocity and escape into space. But by restricting their freedom of movement in one dimension, it gave them precise control of movement in the other two. It is this precision of control that gave them the ability to develop. The force of gravity thereby granted them a far greater freedom than it took away.

Enter The Dragon

Though coexisting in an unseen parallel dimension of the higher reality, the Ad­ver­sary was nevertheless able to converse with these first human beings within their Garden of Delight. He could break through from his parallel dimension via a phys­ical life-form, which is portrayed in the text of the message as a serpent.

Perhaps what they saw was a kind of humanoid serpent or reptilian hominid for which modern languages no longer possess any accurate semantic frame of refer­ence. Or perhaps it was similar to the 'greys' - those strange elusive beings that some people claim to have met in the presence of bright lights. Whatever it looked like, it must have had some kind of voice box and mouth capable of articulating language. Or, perhaps the Adversary merely projected his voice from his hidden dimension to make it seem to be emanating from the mouth of a snake.

However he did it, or whatever form this 'serpent' took, the humans to whom it spoke obviously took what they saw to be a credible sentient life-form. The in­fluence he had upon their minds through his words constituted the analogous force of gravity from the higher reality, which would constantly drag them down­wards towards the way of evil.

Gods In The Making

The god species made the human species exactly like themselves except in only one respect. They empowered their human minds to be able to act only through physical bodies. They thereby restricted the domain, which mankind was able to influence, to the subset of all reality we call physical reality. This ensured that, no matter what he got up to, man was unable to wreck, damage, corrupt or influence the higher reality.

But apart from this restriction the gods gave humans the same powers they had. They made them conscious, self-aware, sentient beings with intelligence to think and reason and the power to create. They gave them the free-will to decide how to conduct their relationships with their creators, with each other, and with the beaut­iful environment their creators had provided for them to live in.

The Power To Choose

In order to fulfil his destiny of becoming a god, each human being must — of his own free will — choose to want to become capable of adhering to the mode of be­haviour that would result in a society containing an infinite variety of happy, bene­volent, interpersonal relationships, which could then develop and intensify through­out eternity.

To make an informed choice, one has to know one's options. To know one's options properly, one must understand them. To understand them, one must experience them. To experience them one must live at least some of one's sentient existence under the influence of all of them, either at the same time, or in turn. Otherwise one would have no on-board frame of reference against which to compare one with another.

A Double Life

The gods decided that the best way to equip each human being to make his choice was for him to live one life in a world run and dominated by the Adversary, followed by a later life in a world run their way. Then he would be asked to choose which of the two ways he wanted to follow. According to the message, you only live twice.

Schematic: passage to the next life. The first time you are born into a world run the Ad­versary's way. There, you live your life and die. At death your 'program' is 'saved'. It seems that it is imprinted upon some kind of incorruptible hyper-medium. All your memories and consciousness are frozen. They are stored in sub-space. Your body de­cays. A long time passes. But you are not aware of it. It is as if you are asleep. Then comes the dawn. You gradually float back into consciousness. You wake up. Just like you have done on every other morning of your life. But you have a new body. Exactly like the old one. It is recognisable as you by all who knew you. But it is young again. Adult, but young. You get up. You look around. You see that the same thing has just happened to millions of others, many of whom you know.

A Different World

But the world you are now in is different. Very different. The ways of the Adversary are gone. The world is now run the way of the gods. Here you live another life. But this time you are given your fair share of the Earth's means of turning your labour into your needs of life. You are re-educated in how to use the Earth sustainably and shown the right way to relate to your fellow beings.

Nevertheless, you are still living under the influence of that analogous force of gravity, which is constantly dragging you down into a socially destructive mode of behaviour. To lift yourself up into a constructive mode of behaviour, you must exert deliberate and conscious effort against it. You must build the strength of your will in the same way you build the strength of your muscles against physical gravity. However, during this second life you are offered an extra internal source of power to enable you to build your will to a level at which it is able to overcome this downward pull towards a socially destructive way of life.

During this second life span, you develop into quite a nice person. The Adversary is still there, but he has been side-lined. He is still able to influence you and drag you down. But the world is no longer run his way. Society is no longer governed by his laws of individual self-interest. The socio-economic infrastructure within which you now live and work is, for the first time in history, completely compatible with that constructive mode of behaviour. Each now possesses the natural resources he needs to turn his own labour directly into his needs of life. All live together in free­dom in a truly global society free from all violence, exploitation and oppression.

Nevertheless, as an individual, you are still free to misbehave. Unlike in today's world, you will be forcibly prevented from exploiting, oppressing or destroying the lives of others. But within these constraints you are free to choose the way you live: the good way or the bad way; the way that puts the well-being of your neighbour equal to your own, or the way of naked self-interest — the hallmark of free-market capitalism.

Like most in this second innings, you will undoubtedly choose to want to live the way that promotes the well-being of your neighbour equally with your own. This is fine, but what about the past? What about the effects of all the bad things you have already done — the hundreds, thousands, millions of mistakes you have already made? Who will erase all the unsightly tares and creases that your mistakes have indelibly etched into the fundamental fabric of reality. Your past has you already locked in free-fall to destruction and you simply do not have the power to pull out. Someone else will have to save you.

Born Again

Schematic: death, and re-birth as a god. At the end of this idyllic life you, along with everybody else in the world, will have to make the most important choice of your life. Do you wish to be reborn as a god-being and live for ever? Or would you prefer to become permanently dead, i.e. non-existent?

You lived a previous life in which you saw and experienced the world governed the way of the Adversary — a way of mutual distrust, and conflict, resulting in everybody event­ually becoming isolated from all others within a state of loneliness and despair.

You have also just lived another life in a world governed the way of the gods — a way that engenders the development of an infinite variety of happy, benevolent per­sonal relationships, which will then grow and intensify throughout eternity. In other words, do you want to join the society of eternal life or the society of perman­ent death?


Each individual experiences two snap-shots of physical existence. Each lasts a hu­man life-span, although the first is cut very short for many. Presumably this is somehow sorted out in the second innings.

Lifetimes: from human birth to transformation into a god.

One lives the first life in a world run the wrong way. It is a life with which most end up thoroughly disillusioned. Then they die. Consciousness ceases. For most, this will be thousands of years. Then they awaken after what for all of them will appear as no more than a night's sleep. But the world in which they awaken will be differ­ent. It is a world run the right way. In this world, each individual is given both the opportunity and the means of living his life in a way that engenders the develop­ment of an infinite variety of happy, benevolent personal relationships, which will grow and prosper throughout eternity.

So each lives life under each system in turn. Each then chooses whether he wishes to live forever in a society run the right way, or cease to exist.

This is very different from the mainstream ideas held by most people about what the Bible says. Nevertheless, it is what crystallised into my mind from the nebulous notions that emerge from reading biblical text. To me, it seems to be quite a nice plan, although it does leave some rather gaping loose ends, incompatibilities and anomalies.

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