Chapter 02: Footnotes Index

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Nature of Conscience: Where do Notions of Right & Wrong Come From?
I have an inner sense that tells me right from wrong and a strong conviction to do right and shun wrong. Are these part of my nature or were they taught to me?

Cell Navigation: Do Cells Refer to Some Kind of Astral Body Map?
How does a stem cell know where it is in the the human body so that it can switch itself to become the right one of the 216 possible types of functional cell?

Conscious Awareness: What is the Sentient Being I Perceive as Myself?
It perceives, feels & suffers. But what is it that can assert 'I think therefore I am'? Where is it? Of what is it made? How's it linked to the physical brain?

Conscious Experience: What Imparts Colours to The Wavebands of Light?
Experience occurs in the consciousness. It is initiated by an outside physical event. But it is not a property of that event, to which it bears no resem­blance.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Is Contact Fundamentally Impossible?
Could there be Sun-like stars with Earth-like planets with evolved civilizations within radio range of the Earth? There are cogent arguments for and against.

Fallibility of Perception and Reason: The Paradox of Simulation
All one's experiences enhance a neural model that simulates one's outside world. One interprets what one sees by comparing current experiences with this model.

Fallibility of Perception and Reason: Viewing Orbits and Epicycles
Simple motion looks complicated and difficult to resolve when it can only be viewed from an awkward angle. Understanding it consequently takes a lot of effort.

Genes of Consciousness: Adaptation to Drifting Niches: Gaian Genome
Does there exist, within the human genome, the encoded information from which is constructed the conscious entity that becomes aware of its own existence?

Human Instinct: Natural, Acquired, Trained and Moral Instincts
Basic mental programming that equips the individual to automatically sustain and protect himself within his terrestrial environment. But it can be manipulated.

Information: Syntactic versus Semantic; Words versus Meaning
Species adapt to changes in their niche conditions. But does this mean that therefore all genera evolved by progressive adaptation from a single ancestor?

Logic and The Fallibility of Our Observation, Perception and Reason
Truth's absolute. Perception's fallible. So perceived truth's fallible. I perceive truth from only 1 point in time & space. So perceived truth's also relative.

Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton Chapter 02: Footnotes Index
Consciousness, Experience, Conscience, Evolution, Information, Extraterrestrial, Perception, Genes, Instinct, Reality, Observation, Nature of Society, Universe.

Lógica e a Falibilidade de Nossa Observação, Percepção e Razão
Verdade é absoluta. Percepção é falível. Então verdade percebida é falível. Percebo verdade de só um ponto no espaço-tempo. Assim verdade percebida é relativa.

Minha Visão da Realidade: O conhecido, Cognoscível e Incognoscível
Pessoas admiram o significado da vida e do universo. Há dimensões não físicas? Viveremos além da transitoriedade desta existência? Este são meus pensamentos.

My View of Reality: The Known, The Knowable and The Unknowable
People wonder about the meaning of life and the universe. Do non-physical dimensions exist? Will we live beyond this transitory existence? Here are my thoughts.

O Universo: Minha Percepção Pessoal: Uma Esfera Cujo Raio é o Tempo
Qualquer visão do universo só pode ser como é percebido de diversas formas por cada consciência humana, a partir de experiências invocadas pelos 5 sentidos.

Observation: Complex-Dynamics Validates My Restricted Personal View
How can a lone individual possibly make a valid observation about something which covers the entire world and extends back thousands of years before his birth?

Relativistic and Complex Dynamical Nature of Human Societies
Society has no fixed form or structure. It is a complex dynamical fluid of human molecules that appears different to each according to his unique place therein.

Universe: My Personal Perception: A Sphere Whose Radius is Time
Any view of the universe can only be as it is variously perceived by each human consciousness from experiences invoked by inputs from the five physical senses.

Validity of Evolution: Problem of Symbolic Coding in The Genome
Species adapt to changes in their niche conditions. But does this mean that therefore all genera evolved by progressive adaptation from a single ancestor?

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