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001 Capitalist Government Keeps us Enslaved within an Illusion of Freedom
The purpose of government in the capitalist state is to contain its common people within a web of delusion, within which they are convinced that they are free.

002 Displaying Current Date and Time: A Little Snippet of JavaScript
A small JavaScript snippet to display current date and time. It may be useful to build into HTML files provided it doesn't provoke and unjust security penalty.

003 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Author's Software Licence Agreement
The conditions, as interpreted by the laws of England, upon which author grants licensee permission to use the package for the purpose for which it is designed.

004 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 01: Marketing: Need & Background
The size & complexity of the marketing task has much less to do with the size & complexity of an enterprise and much more to do with those of its marketplace.

005 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 02: Marketeer System Overview
MARKETEER is a computer software package to help you establish, develop and maintain a UK Market, whether or not you actually have a base in the United Kingdom.

006 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 03: Furniture and Equipment
Essential equipment, additional items, compatibility, optional equipment, mains supply, printers, office space & furniture, consumables, setting up & testing.

007 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 04: Installing The Software
To install Marketeer yourself, you need to be familiar with the operating system of your computer and also with installing and connecting modems and printers.

008 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 05: Define Your Target Market
Key names & values, sales & postcode areas, TV regions, localised businesses; planning, setting up & naming your own sales areas & defining them geographically.

009 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 06: Viewing Market Statistics
Statistics options, compiling & when to re-compile; sales area populations, statistics & map display; relation, status, progress, event & product statistics.

010 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 07: Writing Good Sales Letters
A good sales letter is really the most vital component of a targeted mailshot. It can make or break the tenuous first connection between you and your prospect.

011 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 08: Sending Targeted Mailshots
Select letter, sender's name/title, individual or group, printing the letters, window envelopes, degree of familiarity, letter heading design, mailshot report.

012 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 09: Telephone and Telesales
Dialling method: manual or automatic; one-off calls, conducting a call, assessing the result, calling a target group, call session report, planning a campaign.

013 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 10: Telex & Communications
Mail: paper, telex, email; setting up email with your name & address, writing/sending messages to individuals and to target groups, post-transmission report.

014 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 11: New Names and Addresses
Name & address record, entering a name & address, namecode, reference number, postcode validation, prospect classification, ad hoc comments & memory triggers.

015 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 12: Maintaining Contacts Data
Recall a record by trawling or scanning for namecode, postcode, ref no., classification, status, SIC & key values. Command words: EDIT, KILL, NEXT, PREV, XREF.

016 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 13: Defining Target Sectors
Target profile: name, SIC, area, relationship, status, products, selector code, events, last event, elapsed time, automatic diary, visiting lists, list sifting.

017 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 14: Creating Prospect Lists
Reports: heading, line format, key fields, name & address fields, name & key values fields; Sticky-labels: stationery, uses; mail/email-shot & telesales lists.

018 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Chapter 15: Finding Sales Prospects
Preparing a database, sources, initial input, lists supplied on disk, records listing, shape of your market; campaign: mail pieces, sales letters, phone calls.

019 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Foreword, Contents & Author's Addendum
This user manual is a complete 'hands-on' introduction to the EBS MARKETEER Software Package, which is written as an easy-reading tuition-style narrative.

020 EBS Marketeer User Manual: Index Extracted From Embedded Keywords
Lists each keyword with chapter & paragraph number where it occurs. Keywords are interspersed within chapter texts, embedded between special HTML comment tags.

021 Landshare Project: Land Contract: Paid in Full But Denied Title
Account of monthly payments made for the land accord­ing to the contract. All but two bank receipts are available. All payments are verified by bank statement.

022 Landshare Project: Modulo Rural: Minimum Tradable Area of Land
In Brazil, it is the smallest unit of rural land that can be legally traded. Its size is set by Federal & State regulations according to location of the land.

023 Landshare Project: Satellite Survey and Area Check of Purchased Plot
This survey used coordinates from a Google Earth satellite photograph, in a Java applet, to adjust the plot's boundary points to enclose the prescribed area.

024 Landshare Project: Search For Land on The Tropical Brazilian Shield
To realize my dream of building a working model of a landshare farmlet, it was necessary to search for and acquire 2 hectares of real land on which to do this.

025 Landshare Project: Victims of a Scam: Paid But Denied Title to Land
Many unscrupulous landowners are now trying to apply the condominium principle to the private ownership of rural land. But its legality is extremely dubious.

026 Landshare Project: Virtual Model of Farmlet Set in The Land Scam Plot
The land scam rendered us unable to build a tropical version of the Model Farmlet. So we decided to create it virtually on land adjacent to the purchased plot.

027 Nature of Conscience: Where do Notions of Right & Wrong Come From?
I have an inner sense that tells me right from wrong and a strong conviction to do right and shun wrong. Are these part of my nature or were they taught to me?

028 7-day Week: Its Origin in Moon Phases & Dark Moon Days [Mondays]
It is evident from lunar observation and history that originally the lunar month comprised four 7-day weeks plus 1 or 2 dark moon days to maintain synchronism.

029 About This Book: The Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton YE572246C
This book contains my point of view. It is an expression of my opinion, which is based on my own personal perceptions of my own observations and experiences.

030 About the Web Site of Robert John Morton: Context/Viewing/Navigation
The entire content of this web site is my personal observation and opinion taken from my unique personal point of view within time, space and the social order.

031 Amateur Bands: A Design For A Top to Ten TRF [Non-Superhet] Receiver
An aerial coil is an inductance used to capture a radio signal. A tuning coil is an inductance used to tune the various radio-frequency stages of a receiver.

032 Anatomy of Exploitation: Internal [National] and External [Foreign]
In order to expedite its economic endeavour, the capitalist elite requires the force of a sovereign state to physically exploit the resources of the planet.

033 Anatomy of Ownership: of Self, Mind, Body, Objects, Home and Land
The dominant societies of this present world base all their significant relationships up on the exclusivistic notions of ownership, possession and control.

034 Ancient Texts: Semantic Shift Between Ancient Writer & Modern Reader
There are many mechanisms that shift the meaning of an ancient text. So what the modern reader understands will be different what the ancient writer intended.

035 Anthropological Community: A Basic Need Built into The Human Mind
Sociological evidence suggests that there exists an optimum size limit for a human group, which may be determined by the physiology of the human brain.

036 Atoms have an Enforced Size Limit: Corporations Should Have One Too
If governments fail to co-operate to set an upper size limit for multinational corporates, the socio-economic consequences for the world could be catastrophic.

037 Basic Human Needs: The Needs of The Body and The Needs of Mind
The human body needs food, water, clothing and shelter. The human mind needs companionship, knowledge and work to do. A lack of any of these leaves it deprived.

038 Bible Quotations For Footnote Article on Fear, Guilt & Sexual Sins
The Biblical quotations on fornication, adultery, divorce and serial monogamy referred to within the Chapter 12 footnote article on Fear, Guilt and Sexual Sins.

039 Bible: Some of its Logical, Philosophical and Doctrinal Anomalies
Ideas that do not make sense: a life taken and returned, notions of sin and guilt, act of Judas, man in the image of god, an all-seeing god, heaven: what then?

040 Biblical Message: A Strictly Personal View of What The Bible Says
The Bible is one of many texts whose contents are, without substantiation, believed by its followers to be the words of beings from beyond our physical domain.

041 Biblical Tithing: Fundamentally Different From 10% Of One's Salary
Tithing is fundamentally different from income tax. Tithing is 10% of a gain set by natural fecundity: not ~35% of an arbitrary market value for human labour.

042 Bill of Rights: To Protect The Individual From State and Corporation
The individual is forever being strangled by recession, pillaged by corporates or trampled by elephant-footed bureaucracies mindlessly adhering to idiot rules.

043 Body Fuel: How Can The Poor Afford Their 8,640,000 Joules Per Day?
If in 1994 it had all come solely from honey, it would have cost £1.59. That is 94% of the £1.69 daily personal food budget with which State Welfare left me.

044 Brazil: Illustrative Model on How a Society Could Be Made Equitable
How could a country enslaved by unbridled neo-liberal global capitalism be transformed into a paradise of wealth, well-being, equity and fulfilment for all?

045 Burden of Taxation: Most of a Labourer's Wage goes in Profit & Tax
Under the yoke of capitalism, man ends up with very little of the fruit of his labour. Most is forcibly confiscated to feed corporate profit and State revenue.

046 Business Barriers: Corporate Bully Diverts Blame for Own Incompetence
Computer projects often turn sour. And when they do, it is the independent artisan who invariably is made the scapegoat, being branded as the obvious cowboy.

047 Business Barriers: Nine Obstacles to Success in the Global Free Market
Lack of capital; image, personality & deficiency barriers; marketing cost, market prejudice, restrictive practice, subsidized competition & corporate bullying.

048 Can Work; Won't Work: Unjust Public Opinion About The Unemployed
The rich deserve their wealth because they've earned it. Society owes no­body a living. An employer has no moral duty to employ me. It's his busi­ness. Right?

049 Cancer of Capitalism: A Social Analogue Driven by Absent Conscience
At first sight, this comparison seems emotive. But an examination of the ways in which each one works shows the comparison to be disturbingly systematic.

050 Capital: Land and Food Cannot Rightly be Valued in The Same Currency
The financial world fails to see that, though erroneously measured in the same monetary units, capital and the profit it generates, are fundamentally different.

051 Capitalist Mentality: A Comparison With The Antics of Two Kittens
Capitalists are a world-wide minority of opportunist who strive single-mindedly for unlimited self-gain by gambling the livelihoods of the rest of humanity.

052 Carer's Diary of a Relapse: An Official Threat From The Health Service
It seems that protection of professional reputation takes precedence over patient confidentiality which takes precedence over the rights of a patient's family.

053 Carer's Diary of a Relapse: The Unmedicated Onset Medics Never See
My diary of events relating to the on-set of my wife's relapse after she came off medication in April 2000. It is solely my view of what I saw, felt & suffered.

054 Carer's Diary of a Relapse: Threatening Letter From Health Trust
The local health trust took offence at my honest day to day observations on my wife's relapse, saying it implied that its professionals were inept or negligent.

055 Cell Navigation: Do Cells Refer to Some Kind of Astral Body Map?
How does a stem cell know where it is in the human body so that it can switch itself to become the right one of the 216 possible types of functional cell?

056 Chaos Theory: A Multi-Mode Difference Equation Iterator Applet
This Java applet exercises the difference equations x=cx(1−x) and x=x²+c. Shows how merely changing the value 'c' changes the entire behaviour of the equation.

057 Chaos Theory: An Iterative Sine-Wave Generator Written in BASIC
A BASIC program, which generates a sine wave by iterating a simple difference equation. You can cut, paste and compile the source code, then run the executable.

058 Chaos Theory: Introduction: Formative Interest and Practical Lessons
A collection of applets which explore various phenomena in Chaos Theory including the Mandelbrot set, bifurcation maps and chaotic difference equations.

059 Chaos Theory: Iterative Bifurcation Maps Generated by Java Applets
Working applets, complete with functional descriptions and source code, which map the equations x=cx(1−x) for 1 lt c lt 4 and x=x²+c for -2 lt c lt 0.25.

060 Chaos Theory: Mandelbrot Set Generated by a Java Applet [Source Code]
A running demonstration applet/Web Start app complete with source code written by an unemployed programmer existing on a reprehensible pittance called welfare.

061 ChaosTheory: Hénon's Strange Attractor Generated by a Java Applet
Source code for an applet, which generates Hénon's Strange Attractor: an example of how phase space can be distorted to get a clearer view of what is happening.

062 Chapter 10: The Capital Men: Maximise Labour Cost to Maximise Profit
A capitalist entrepreneur is legally bound to maximise the profit of his enterprise. To do this, he is obliged to minimise the wages he pays to his employees.

063 Citizen or Subject? We Live to Serve a Minority as and when Required
The State exists for the benefit of the citizen: not the citizen for the benefit of the State. A subject exists to serve the State: not the State its subject.

064 Collective Ownership Becomes, in effect, Ownership By Those in Control
The collective ownership of economic resources inevitably becomes ownership by a single head of state. This invariably proves worse than ownership by an elite.

065 Community-Based Markets: The Labourer is Free But Dispossessed
Advancing technology reduces the labour required on an estate. In consequence, most labourers are jettisoned into regional labour pools without land or means.

066 Conflict of Interests Between Producer & Consumer of Goods & Services
One buys products to perform tasks as well, for as long and as cheaply as possible. One sells products to make as much profit as possible as often as possible.

067 Connective Force: Polyamory as a basis for a Fair Stable Society?
With the old forces of religious fear, political subjugation and corporate exploitation eradicated from the planet, what force will motivate social connection?

068 Conscious Awareness: What is the Sentient Being I Perceive as Myself?
It perceives, feels & suffers. But what is it that can assert 'I think therefore I am'? Where is it? Of what is it made? How's it linked to the physical brain?

069 Conscious Experience: What Imparts Colours to The Wavebands of Light?
Experience occurs in the consciousness. It is initiated by an outside physical event. But it is not a property of that event, to which it bears no resem­blance.

070 Creed of Greed: Manifesto of Competition and Hierarchical Sujugation
When need turns to greed, cooperation turns to competition, alienating us from each other. This stifles friendship and dissipate effort in fruitless conflict.

071 Critical Mass: To Survive in a Global Market, You Have To Start Big
Without enough uranium you can't start a chain reaction. Without enough capital you can't start a business. And the critical mass needed grows with the market.

072 Curriculum Vitae: Robert John Morton - Programmer, Writer and Thinker
Educated at Colchester Royal Grammar School and The Regent Street Polytechnic. Worked for Redifon, Scicon and ITT Europe, before becoming freelance in 1976.

073 Cut My Share: Experiencing The Dark and Devious Side of Business
The marketing agreement for my software was between me and a marketing company, which agreed that as owner of the software I would get 40% of the retail price.

074 DSS Benefit Rules Thwart Every Opportunity For Re-employment
The restrictive rules imposed by the state, under which I am required to seek work, actively prevent me from exploiting golden opportunities for re-employment.

075 DSS Savings Limit Grid-Locks The Poor Into Permanent Poverty
The upper limit on savings, imposed on those dependent on state welfare, deprives them of a means by which they could escape their economic inactivity.

076 Death of Email: Those Who Spam & Those Who Blacklist the Innocent
If something is not done to fight them, the anti-spam carpet bombers who blacklist the innocent could spell death to email as a usable means of communication.

077 Declaration of Human Rights Trapped in The Context of Capitalism
A United Nations Declaration of Human rights is laudable. But united nations are united governments. Each serves the interests of its country's dominant elite.

078 Definition of Friendship: Affinity, Shared Values and Mutual Trust
To think I could define a concept so profound as friendship would be arrogant. So this is simply my view and feelings on what the word 'friendship' means to me.

079 Divide and Rule: The Principle of Sujugation of the Many by The Few
This axiom of tyranny is alive and well in the governing of modern democratic states, where its incisive divisions cut ever deeper and wreak increasing misery.

080 Divide and Rule: The Reactionary Effects of Dividing The Genders
Attenuating social interaction between the genders is the most effective way by which sovereign states divide, conquer, subjugate and exploit their people.

081 Divided We Fall: A Society Whose Members are Divided is Easily Ruled.
As sentient beings, we should be able to self-connect into a benign global society in which we may freely evolve towards our destiny. But this isn't happening.

082 Draft Manifesto for a Fairer Society: The Earth Must be Shared by All
Currently law simply facilitates the containment & exploitation of the poor by the rich. Here we attempt to devise a protocol by which all could live in equity.

083 Effects of Capitalism: Frustration and The Erosion of Personal Worth
Caged in their bland suburban housing estates, it is little wonder that the hapless slaves of capitalism exhibit an increasingly antisocial mode of behaviour.

084 Employee-Plus Approach: Offering My Skills & My Products as a Package
Employment is always a buyer's market. So the employee who offers most gets the job. I tried to offer more to employers by adding my products to my experience.

085 Employment Barriers: Ageism, Interviewer Ignorance, Globaization...
With such negligent wastage of mature talent, it is little wonder the captains of the IT industry are forever bleating about their insoluble skills shortage.

086 Employment Relocation: Global Geographic Polarisation of Skills
The demand for information technology design and development skills seems to be gravitating on a global scale towards ever fewer and larger geographic centres.

087 Energy Barrier: Analogy for The Cause of Free Market Exclusion
It is the force that favours the status quo. It is the latch on the door to the free market that ensures that all whom misfortune casts out, become locked out.

088 Every Human Being Has a Fundamental Moral Right To Adequate Income
Under capitalism, most don't own means to turn their work into their needs of life. Morally therefore, those who do must compensate them with an income in lieu.

089 Excluding Older Workers Leads an Industry To Repeat The Same Mistakes
It's hard even now to find a system that's not, beneath its glitzy GUI, still a labyrinth of disparate drivers and patched scripts flying on a wing & a prayer.

090 Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Is Contact Fundamentally Impossible?
Could there be Sun-like stars with Earth-like planets with evolved civilizations within radio range of the Earth? There are cogent arguments for and against.

091 Fallibility of Authority: Official Abuse: My Personal Experience
Many in authority intimidate their victims by projecting the belief that they have some kind of psychological 6th sense that can see into their victims' minds.

092 Fallibility of Perception and Reason: The Paradox of Simulation
All one's experiences enhance a neural model that simulates one's outside world. One interprets what one sees by comparing current experiences with this model.

093 Fallibility of Perception and Reason: Viewing Orbits and Epicycles
Simple motion looks complicated and difficult to resolve when it can only be viewed from an awkward angle. Understanding it consequently takes a lot of effort.

094 Family Estate: Division of Inheritance is Legal but Rarely Fair.
Apathy, negligence, ignorance and pressure cause the rich to divide their wealth unfairly among their descendants, keeping it in the hands of a favoured few.

095 Fear, Guilt and Sexual Sins and The Re-Engineering of Conscience
To whom would keep a nation subjugated under a social hierarchy, intimate inter-gender friendship is the ultimate threat. A way had to be found to suppress it.

096 Finding Friendship: The Need For Connection in an Austere World
Western society, where every aspect of human endeavour is driven by an all-pervading ethos of greed & competition, isn't an easy place to find true friendship.

097 Free Market is Only Free to a Small Elite Clique of Corporates
The free market isn't the common possession of all. It's owned by the rich & ruthless who guard it within an impenetrable wall of joint-stock limited liability.

098 Freedom of Travel: A Freedom The Law Allows But Poverty Denies
I live in a so-called free country. Legally I'm free. Notwithstanding, the degree to which my legal freedoms can be realised depends on the extent of my wealth.

099 Genes of Consciousness: Adaptation to Drifting Niches: Gaian Genome
Does there exist, within the human genome, the encoded information from which is constructed the conscious entity that becomes aware of its own existence?

100 Geographical Constraints put The Captured Consumer at a Disadvantage
A global corporation can buy in one country, produce in another and sell in a third. The consumer must sell his labour and buy his needs all in the same place.

101 Global Navigation: A Communications Network With Mobile Nodes
A navigation aid for the mobile nodes of a VHF and microwave-based digital communications network, in which each node has on-board sources for position & time.

102 Global Navigation: Automatic Moving-Map Global Navigator: 8-Tab Version
A full working version of the automatic global navigator of which the previously described applet was a demonstrator. It is written entirely in 'C' plus X11.

103 Global Navigation: Automatic Moving-Map Global Navigator: C-version
A full working version of the automatic global navigator of which the previously described applet was a demonstrator. It is written entirely in 'C' plus X11.

104 Global Navigation: EBS Nomad In-Flight Informer: Commercial Outline
Stagecoach travellers absorb inspiring detail from the land through which they pass. Not so jet passengers who must stare into the blue hour after boring hour.

105 Global Navigation: EBS Nomad In-Flight Informer: Project Outline
Project plan covering the whole life-cycle of design, development, production, marketing, maintenance and decline of the EBS Nomad in-vehicle navigation system.

106 Global Navigation: EBS Nomad In-Flight Informer: Technical Outline
An in-vehicle navigation system that provides geographic + cultural & economic information about the hinterland through which the vehicle is currently passing.

107 Global Navigation: Flight Control and Radio Functions Written in 'C'
A collection of navigation functions and data structures in C relating to the simu­lation of aircraft navigation equipments and their terrestrial environ­ments.

108 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Global Navigator: 'C' Version: Large View
How to download the souce code of this program, compile it and run it. Programmer: Robert John Morton YE572246C.

109 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Navigator Applet/Web Start Application
A moving map global navigator, which can run as an embedded applet in Java-capable browsers or be launched as a Web Start application from non-Java browsers.

110 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Navigator: Introduction & Philosophy
A flight guidance system, which steers an aircraft from an origin to a destination via a route, which comprises a set of way points joined by great-circle arcs.

111 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Navigator: Quick Guide User Instructions
How to select the desired route to fly using a selected ellipsoidal Earth model, select the map display coverage and data refresh rate and initiate the flight.

112 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Navigator: Technical Details and Source
Technical descriptions and source files for the applet, including its graphical control panel and the underlying dynamic geometry classes for global navigation.

113 Global Navigation: Moving-Map Navigator: Warning: Don't Fly on a PC
IMPORTANT: Never use a personal computer or lap top or any non-specific operating system to run software for the flight control or navigation of an air vehicle.

114 Global Navigation: Prototype 'C' Functions For Moving Map Navigation
A collection of separate navigation functions written in C, which were used as the basis for the moving map navigator implemented as an applet on this website.

115 Global Navigation: Waypoint Encounter Dynamic Geometry Demo Applet
Demonstrates a dynamic encounter between an aircraft and an en-route waypoint, using a circular attractor to create a hyperbolic flight path past the waypoint.

116 Gone Bust: A Painful Introduction To The Meaning of Limited Liability
This company did not go bust. Its director manipulated it so that it was not in its creditors' best interests to try to sue it. Immoral but completely legal.

117 Government Bureaucracy: Rules Forced Me to Destroy My own Career
Idiotic official rules imposed upon the unemployed have forced me to engage for over a decade in the systematic destruction of my own opportunities to get work.

118 Government Bureaucracy: The Constrictive Rules of Job-Seeking
The inflexible rules, through which government employment advisers are forced to deliver their help, turn the whole process of job-seeking into a futile chore.

119 Graphics-Based Difference Equation Iterator Program written in 'C'
Demonstrates an interesting aspect of Chaos Theory: that iterating a simple non-linear equation creates the apparently chaotic behaviour of complex-dynamical systems.

120 Group Size: Number of Members Necessary for Maximum Group Cohesion
The optimum number of members for a cohesive group of equal peers is 7. For a task-group under the exclusive command of a single director, the ideal size is 12.

121 Handful of Supermarkets may Soon Govern Access To Our Needs of Life
These commercial leviathans now control the nation's entire food supply & distribution system. Thus they alone now hold the key to the door to the tree of life.

122 High Cost of Marketing Relegates Most Good Products To Oblivion
Developing what technically may be the perfect product is fine. But if you don't have the money to market your perfect product it'll never see the light of day.

123 Holy Spirit: Many Non-Christians Have a Stronger Moral Conscience
Is there a hyper-universe, beyond what we can physically perceive, in which live omnipotent self-existent beings who wish us to communicate with them?

124 Home-Based Working: Enabling a Wasted and Rejected Source of IT Skills
Could the so-called IT 'skills shortage' be largely a skills wastage? I submit that there is a vast national reserve of IT skill which is inexcusably rejected.

125 Human Instinct: Natural, Acquired, Trained and Moral Instincts
Basic mental programming that equips the individual to automatically sustain and protect himself within his terrestrial environment. But it can be manipulated.

126 Idyllic State: An Agrarian Socio-Economy of Nomads and Farmers
An idyllic society is inherently unstable and hence transitory: not through any systemic flaw, but because of the excessive self-seekingness of an exigent few.

127 In Nature, Social Architectures are Networks: not Hierarchies
The hierarchical structures of capitalism are not reflected in nature. They are inventions of the human mind to help it classify elements of the natural world.

128 Inadequate Means: The Jobless are Businesses With No Marketing Budget
Governments, in decreeing what the unemployed job seeker needs to live on, overlook what it costs to market oneself in today's fiercely competitive job market.

129 Information: Syntactic versus Semantic; Words versus Meaning
Species adapt to changes in their niche conditions. But does this mean that therefore all genera evolved by progressive adaptation from a single ancestor?

130 Inheritance Bond: A Concept That Gives All a Stake in The Economy
It divides a nation's wealth equitably among its citizens. It is the convergence of political extremes. It is the final fusion of Capitalism and Socialism.

131 Instruments of Acquisition by Which The Favoured Few Grow Rich
All of us were born on this planet. But most of us own none of it. Ownership of the Earth is a privilege of a few, which is naively upheld by a stupid majority.

132 Inter-gender (Male-Female) Friendship as a Basis for Social Cohesion
Societal undertones impose a tangible awkwardness on a separately married man and woman being friends. This denies us the better half of our potential friends.

133 Interest Rates: Negative Equity is Debt Resulting From Theft by Usury
Interest rates rise. My wages don't. House prices fall. I sell my house for less than I paid for it. I inherit a debt. What have I received to incur this debt?

134 Internet: Experience of Telephone and Internet Services in Brazil
Contrary to suggested practice, they arbitrarily block your listening ports, thus denying you of your freedom to interact with other Internet users as you wish.

135 Internet: Frustrations With Routers When The Routing Tables Go Wrong
A faulty backbone router can make a computer blind to a large part of the Internet and getting an ISP help line to understand the problem is all but impossible.

136 Internet: Those Ubiquitous & Obnoxious Browser Security Warnings
Not one of my applets or Web Start applications contains the functionality necessary to access your computer, which makes the warning message an outright lie.

137 Interpreting Messages: A Fuzzy Overview is Safer Than Isolated Detail
Many religious groups hang a pivotal doctrine upon a single sentence. Truth is more accurately perceived through a fuzzy overview of an entire scripture.

138 Land, Wealth and Capital: All Wealth and Capital Comes From The Land
Today capital is the essence of wealth and power. But only land can turn labour into the needs of life. Capital is nothing more than a well-engineered illusion.

139 Land: Why They Who Have Work-Not While They Who Have-Not Must Work
Within the hierarchy, one is classed according to wealth. So there must be significant wealth disparity among different members of society. How did this arise?

140 Landshare Project: A 6-segment annulus Design for a Landshare Dwelling
Design for a shell structure to accommodate the six connected activity spaces of the physical dwelling-cum-workplace, which forms the nucleus of the farmlet.

141 Landshare Project: A Dwelling of Circular Ellipsoids on 3 Levels
The landshare dwelling can take any of a variety of physical forms. The first design comprises 3 joined circular ellipsoidal enclosures on 3 half-storey levels.

142 Landshare Project: A Pilot Landshare Community
An individual farmlet, alone in this hostile world, is not likely to survive for long. Many farmlets need to agglomerate into anthropological communities.

143 Landshare Project: A Torus-Shaped Design for a Landshare Dwelling
This outer shell design of the landshare dwelling is based on a variety of torus-shaped envelopes with a variety of configurations for internal activity spaces.

144 Landshare Project: A Yinyang Garden For The Twin-Daisy Dwelling
This is an alternative garden setting for the Twin-Daisy dwelling design, which suspends the night-time module over a lake leaving the daytime module over land.

145 Landshare Project: Activity-Based Design For Living and Working Space
To design an ideal dwelling, it is necessary to analyse the activities it must support then devise a set of conducive environments in which they may take place.

146 Landshare Project: Clover Leaf Design for A Landshare Dwelling
This version of the universal terrestrial dwelling comprises 3 separate conglomerations of activity spaces, associated respectively with work, rest and play.

147 Landshare Project: Design For A Universal Terrestrial Dwelling
A utility-independent dwelling, providing both living and work space, which could be installed on any 2-hectare plot of habitable land anywhere on the planet.

148 Landshare Project: Dwelling Designs Based On Ellipsoidal Modules
These designs for the landshare dwelling provide a way of linking the ellipsoidal activity-space envelopes with better conduits for passing between the spaces.

149 Landshare Project: Ellipsoid-Based Model For A Landshare Dwelling
This option for the design of the outer shell of the landshare dwelling is based on a 2:1 circular ellipsoid, which is sliced into flanged component panels.

150 Landshare Project: Experimental Designs for The Landshare Dwelling
These designs for the landshare dwelling comprise activity-space envelopes based on fluted ellipsoids, hexagonoids and tori linked in various configurations.

151 Landshare Project: For Each A Fair & Equal Piece of His Planet
Everybody has the inalienable right to his fair share of his planet's habitable land on which to live and by which to turn his labour into his needs of life.

152 Landshare Project: Futuristic Home For a Utility-Independent Farmlet
A futuristic shell structure to accommodate the system of connected activity spaces for a permanent dwelling-cum-workplace forming the nucleus of the farmlet.

153 Landshare Project: Hexagonal Ring Dwelling of Oblate Ellipsoids
This ring of partially coalescing ellipsoids is just one personal design for the kind of dwelling I would consider as the nucleus for my Experimental Farmlet.

154 Landshare Project: Introduction to A Utility-Independent Farmlet Home
To design and develop a working model of a family farmlet to be the economic element of the alternative society proposed in Chapter 12 of The Lost Inheritance.

155 Landshare Project: Kitchen Diner: Food Preparation/Eating Flow Model
Here we create and consume a meal. This is probably the most complex domestic process, which lends itself well to the rigorous discipline of systems analysis.

156 Landshare Project: Pentagonal Ring Dwelling of Prolate Ellipsoids
This is a 5-module version of the previous 6-module design for a futuristic envelope to accommodate the connected activity spaces of the experimental farmlet.

157 Landshare Project: The Basic Requirements For a Landshare Farmlet
Under the convoluted land-laws of a modern State, is it possible to acquire space for a landshare and scape it into a working example of a futuristic farmlet?

158 Landshare Project: The Bedroom: Its Layout and Activity Flow Cycle
This 8 metre diameter bedroom features a central bed, in the form of a Maltese cross, surrounded by twin washing & dressing facil­ities, wardrobes & toilets.

159 Landshare Project: The Central Garden: 'Counsel Fire' Circle Design
This is the spiritual and intellectual centre of the dwelling. It is a place of earth, water and fire; a place of inspiration where one can link with nature.

160 Landshare Project: The Entrance Hall: Helical Staircase & Lift Shaft
Here inside meets outside. It's the resident's access to the world and the visitor's first impression. Structurally it's the most complex part of the dwelling.

161 Landshare Project: The Lounge: Desiged for Conversing & Viewing
It is the entertainment and relaxation centre of the dwelling. It is the place for casual conversation, serious discussion, for movies, books and documentaries.

162 Landshare Project: The Quiet Room: Designed For Peace and Meditation
This is a sanctuary of tranquillity, where cares may be forgotten, the fundamentals of life may be reconsidered, the spirit refreshed and the mind re-inspired.

163 Landshare Project: The Workspace Module of The Landshare Dwelling
This is a place of quietness and concentration in which to research and study, invent and design, formulate plans, crystallize ideas and connect with the world.

164 Landshare Project: Toroidal Barrels Design For Landshare Dwelling
My preferred design for a landshare dwelling comprises 6 transparent torus-shaped shells, each containing an opaque clipped ellipsoid-shaped accommodation unit.

165 Landshare Project: Tri-Flower & 5-Petal Variants of The Dwelling
This design of the outer shell of the landshare dwelling is based on a 24:14:7 ellipsoid, which produces a dwelling of a most aesthetically pleasing design.

166 Landshare Project: Twin-Daisy Design For The Landshare Dwelling
This was the second of my early designs. I went into much more detail and produced what could well have been a very desirable place in which to live and work.

167 Landshare Project: Universal Terrestrial Dwelling [Small Version]
A utility-independent dwelling, providing both living and work space, which could be installed on any 2-hectare plot of habitable land anywhere on the planet.

168 Landshare Project: Utility Independence For Water, Power and Data
Conventional homes need utility services. Most land is beyond the reach of utilities. Utility-independent homes could open vast new areas to human habitation.

169 Landshare-Based Socio-Economy: A Pilot Scheme For a Model Community
Capitalist economies value everything in terms of a single currency. This causes things to be exchanged in trade whose values are fundamentally non-equatable.

170 Language Barrier: Ultimate Guarantor of Mutual Misunderstanding
Different languages are not only different ways of coding meaning into sounds & signs. They are also different ways of seeing the world, with different ideals.

171 Legal Infrastructure: For Whom is it Necessary? Whom Does it Benefit?
A formal legal infrastructure is needed only by regimes that use law as the means to facilitate the containment & exploitation of those ruled by those who rule.

172 Life After Death: What Seems To Me To Be The Biblical 7-Stage Plan
The Bible seems to say something different and mutually inconsistent to everybody. This is what it says to me concerning what one might call 'life after death'.

173 Limited Liability: Empowers the Rich to Legally Steal from The Poor
To protect himself, the capitalist devised a legal entity called the Limited Liability Company through which he could pass his risks onto the unsuspecting poor.

174 Living on Benefit: My Struggle with The DSS Savings Limit Penalty
Commentary on my accounts for 1991 to 2001 during the debilitating Thatcher-Major era when it cost the unemployed more to save money than the rich to borrow it.

175 Living on Benefit: Public Transport is too Expensive and Inflexible
Outside a major city, public transport cannot provide the flexibility required for finding work. Besides, for job seekers on state welfare it's too expensive.

176 Living on Benefit: Social Exclusion: The Isolating Effect of Poverty
State welfare supposedly provides those who are unemployed or unable to work with their bodily needs of food, clothing and shelter. But the mind also has needs.

177 Living on Welfare (Benefit): Amputation of Household Functions
Like an advanced life-form, a household too, when deprived of sufficient means of sustaining itself fully, is forced to amputate its less vital functions.

178 Living on Welfare (Benefit): From Riches To Rags: The Cost of Clothing
Clothing one's family from a State Welfare budget in an expensive area is hard enough, without having to battle against child-targeting corporate merchandising.

179 Living on Welfare (Benefit): Having to Halve Our In-Work Food Costs
Food is the most basic need of life. Yet on Welfare, the amount one has to spend on it is the only item in the household budget that it is possible to squeeze.

180 Living on Welfare (Benefit): My Car: Luxury or Functional Necessity
Without artificial transport it is no longer possible to function as a member of society. Public transport is inadequate & expensive. A car is the only option.

181 Living on Welfare (Benefit): No Budget For Maintenance and Replacement
Buildings and furnishings deteriorate. Domestic appliances wear out. Crockery chips and breaks. Facts which State welfare seems conveniently to overlook.

182 Living on Welfare (Benefit): Our Family Income Spreadsheet Table
Complete table of our domestic finances from which the various graphs in Chapter 5 are generated. Key to column heading abbreviations appears after the table.

183 Living on Welfare (Benefit): Profile of a Benefit-Dependent Family
I commend all my children who despite having had to do without so much have maintained a determination to exist in this reprehensible society as best they can.

184 Living on Welfare (Benefit): Struggle To Keep The Tools of My Trade
A computer is the basic tool of my trade. I need it to maintain my skills. Yet DSS rules say I may keep tools of my trade only up to a fraction of its value.

185 Living on Welfare (Benefit): The Creeping Extra Costs of Education
Though my sons are in State school, I have been increasingly pressured to spend more and more on education. This may have gone unnoticed were I not on Welfare.

186 Living on Welfare (Benefit): The Terrifying Spectre of Destitution
People think welfare works. But Benefit rules can bring destitution upon any genuinely needy person at any time for reasons that defy common sense or humanity.

187 Living on Welfare Benefit: Energy: The Crippling Cost of Keeping Warm
Modern society denies most the option their ancestors had of going into the forest to gather fuel for heating & cooking. Fuel can now only be bought with money.

188 Logic and The Fallibility of Our Observation, Perception and Reason
Truth's absolute. Perception's fallible. So perceived truth's fallible. I perceive truth from only 1 point in time & space. So perceived truth's also relative.

189 Lost Inheritance - Chapter 06: Poverty Sticks. Breaking Free Isn't Easy
A capital economy embodies a nasty self-latching mechanism, which ensures that once you become poor, you remain poor. Intentional or not, this is how it works.

190 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 01: My Career Gone
It is a cherished belief of modern society that if you get a good education and work hard then wealth and well-being are bound to follow. But it's not true.

191 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 02: A Point of View
Society imposes a collective point of view. But a point of view can only be from one position in time & space. So the only valid view is that of an individual.

192 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 03: The Vital Key
To convey a point of view, writer and reader must share not only the same language, but also a common context, without which, misunderstanding is inevitable.

193 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 04: A Futile Chore
Blind bureaucratic rules forced upon me by unemployment require me to dissipate my meagre resources in an endless iterative procedure that can't possibly work.

194 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 05: Staying Alive
We accept reduced living standards during times of recession. But how far can our belt be tightened before graceful degradation becomes functional amputation?

195 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 07: Relative Heaven
I am told that, compared to the poor of the Third World, my poverty is only relative. But that is meaningless. We're both equally poor, but in different ways.

196 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 08: The Family Estate
All have the same basic needs. Few own the means to produce them. The resulting disparity of wealth breeds dichotomy of thought, which precipitates conflict.

197 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 09: The Historical Line
We live on a planet that is well able to provide the needs of its 7 billion inhabitants. But why do a few bask in over-abundance while most languish in poverty?

198 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 10: The Capital Men
Unrestrained free-market capitalism is enveloping the globe at an ever-quickening pace. What will be the final consequences for the inhabitants of Planet Earth?

199 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 11: How They Govern
Wealth is from the collective minds & muscles of all. So why allow a small elite to exploit this vast power for its own selfish ends, leaving most with little?

200 Lost Inheritance - Robert John Morton: Chapter 12: Ruling Ourselves
Is it possible for human beings to live together in a society in which all have equal rights, responsibilities and status? Or is hierarchy the only option?

201 Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton YE572246C: Introduction
In a democratic society, why does government of the people by the people create such a vast and unfair disparity in wealth and well-being among the people?

202 Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton: ABSTRACT of This Book
Proposal that hierarchical national governments should be replaced by a global structure resembling a hexagonal network, in which each citizen is an equal node.

203 Lost Inheritance by Robert John Morton: The Age of The Universe
The age of the Universe was generally held to be between 10 and 20 billion years. Now, a more accurate estimate is 13.7 billion years, assuming time be linear.

204 Lost Inheritance: Chapter 06: Poverty Sticks: Blaming Society
Blaming yourself for your predicament is easy. Nobody will condemn you for that. But blaming society takes courage, for it will provoke the indignation of all.

205 Lost Inheritance: Epilogue: How To Begin Creating a Fairer World
An untraversable chasm separates us from our egalitarian ideal. Perhaps we should start now along the road that, one day, will take us to that better destiny.

206 Man: an Economic Resource to be Used and Abused by a Corporate Elite
Man once dominated the Earth. It was as if he were the reason for its being. Now, he is just another economic resource to be used and abused by a wealthy elite.

207 Market-Centred Flow Model of a Business: Materials, Labour, Money
This resource & financial flow model of a business was the first of my personal projects. It was to help me design the software I would need to run my business.

208 Marriage and its Destiny: Today's Economy Stresses it to Destruction
Modern economic forces are pushing to sever even the tenuous bond of marriage to dissipate humanity into a socially celibate plasma of isolated atoms.

209 Master Plan for Humanity: My Understanding of the Biblical Message.
To transform an earth-bound colony of physical life-forms into a community of super-beings with the run of the physical universe and the higher reality beyond.

210 Maximising Profit by Maximising Revenue and Minimising Costs
To maximise his profit the capitalist must make the unit price of his product & its rate of production as high as possible and its unit cost as low as possible.

211 Means of Exchange: The Nebulous Nature of The Value of Money
People see the value of money as absolute: a fixed frame against which anything can be valued. But perception is relative including that of the value of money.

212 Mental Illness: A Carer's View: Health Professions Cannot Sense Onset
Life does not naturally deal to each an equal share of health, wealth and opportunity. A civilised society is supposed to compensate for such unfairness.

213 Middleman: An Absorptive Barrier Between Producer and Consumer
Expanding markets threw artisans into competition. Out of the fray emerged an economic class, whom serendipity made rich upon the labours of their former peers.

214 Modern Employee is The Bonded Slave of The Corporate Collective
Most today seem to think slavery a thing of the oppressive past. But a closer look at the capitalist free market system soon shows slavery to be alive and well.

215 Modern Websites: Confusing Contentless Cacophonies of Colour
Too much spurious design, backgrounds, borders & whitespace with print too small to read comfortably & confusing non-standard proprietary navigation widgets.

216 Money System Concentrates Wealth Into The Hands of Ever Fewer
Money is a representation of a debt that society owes an individual. In effect, a unit of money is a form of IOU (I owe you) note from society to its possessor.

217 My Ideal Personal Computer: The Frustrations of Design Retrogression
Making it an ever-smaller consumer product relative to its human user makes it ever more difficult to use and ever less serviceable and user-upgradable.

218 My Industry Standard Schema for My XML CV - Robert John Morton
HTML encoded version of my XML schema for a curriculum-vitae to help standardise the form in which people's career information is presented for easy searching.

219 My Interest in Short Wave Radio: Illustrated Tour of Band Allocations
Broadcasts from every nation give rich, varied, challenging content around the clock: a first hand unfiltered insight into every shade of political philosophy.

220 My Unconditional Birthright: I claim 1/7000000000 of Planet Earth
As one of the seven billion human inhabitants of planet Earth, I claim the right of occupancy and economic exploitation of one seven-billionth of its resources.

221 My View of Reality: The Known, The Knowable and The Unknowable
People wonder about the meaning of life and the universe. Do non-physical dimensions exist? Will we live beyond this transitory existence? Here are my thoughts.

222 Natural Complex Dynamical Analogue of The Modes of Human Society
Analogies are imperfect but when confronted by a large complex system like society, it helps to look at nature for an analogue that can be observed more easily.

223 Nature of Inter-Personal Relationships: Affinity, Values, Aspirations
A relationship develops between 2 self-aware conscious beings when they interact according to a protocol that progressively evolves through mutual interaction.

224 Nature of Light: Doppler Effect Applet that Illustrates Two Theories
The velocity of light can only be measured for a round trip. This allows an alternative explanation for the Doppler effect. But there's yet a third explanation.

225 Nature of Light: Established View: Classical Relativity of Einstein
That the speed of light must be the same in all frames of reference leads to counter-intuitive notions like the dilation of time and the contraction of length.

226 Nature of Light: Observer's Frame of Reference & The Triplets Paradox
Perhaps the apparent dilation of time and contraction of space are merely illusions created by the way space-time conveys information from one place to another.

227 Nature of Light: Passive Observer in A Source's Frame of Reference
If light be the essence of its source dispersing itself thro­ugh space, it would make sense to consider the velocity of light to be relative only to its source.

228 Nature of Light: Round Trip Basis For Measuring The Velocity of Light
The apparent distance travelled and time taken by light from source to observer depend on whether we look from the point of view of the source or the observer.

229 Nature of Light: Simultaneity: Has Absolute and Relative Aspects
There are many intuitive problems and paradoxes with simultaneity. I here consider aspects of simultaneity that transcend the observer's past event-horizon.

230 Nature of Light: The Prime Axiom Upon Which The Laws of Physics Rest
The Laws of Physics must be the same, to all observers. From this, many erroneously conclude that the velocity of light must appear the same to all observers.

231 Nature of Light: Time Dilation & Length Contraction + Demo Applet
Perhaps the apparent dilation of time and contraction of space are merely illusions created by the way space-time conveys information from one place to another.

232 Nature of Light: Wave or Particle? It's About How Atoms Absorb Waves
We're told that light comprises photons and that a photon behaves some­times like a wave and sometimes like a particle. But we can never see a photon in flight.

233 New Technology Socio-Economically Excludes Those Who Can't Afford It
When society adopts a new technology leaving the old one to die then those who become unable to afford the new, can't simply revert to doing things the old way.

234 Noble Capitalist Had The Means To Bring About The Global Market
With his private means, the noble estate-owner has lots of time and money to venture into the world to establish a global market, which only he can capitalise.

235 Noble Estate: A Socio-Economy Maintained by an Oppressive Hierarchy
The settler fences land thus depriving the wanderer of hunting ground. This triggers conflict in which wanderer eventually dispossesses and subjugates settler.

236 Nuclear Family: The Basic Social Unit Determined By Human Physiology
Sexual dimorphism of human beings forces parents to pass on not only biological genes but also skills, knowledge, wisdom and a consciously developed ideology.

237 Observation: Complex-Dynamics Validates My Restricted Personal View
How can a lone individual possibly make a valid observation about something which covers the entire world and extends back thousands of years before his birth?

238 Omnipotent Cretins: the Larger an Entity the More Stupidly it Behaves
These towering idiots impose upon the individual their own Draconian obligations according to a complex labyrinth of incompatible and incomprehensible rules.

239 On a Barren Planet, a Farmer's Wisdom and Toil Can Yield Him Nothing
Move man to a barren land and neither his millennia of accumulated knowledge nor any amount of desperate labour will earn him salvation from instant extinction.

240 One's Earnings: Determined more by Market Forces than Personal Virtue
Most think their hard work earns them their livings. But human effort can't produce the needs of life. It can only take, form & distribute what Nature provides.

241 Ownership of Land is an Illusion: It's Always Partial & Conditional
In the case of land, the words: have, possess & own aren't simple notions but a synergy of imperialist, capitalist, socialist & Aboriginal ideas of possession.

242 Parable of the Cows: A Bovine Analogy For Free-Market Capitalism
In nature, the disparity in individual well-being of human society does not exist. So why do humans adopt the insidious form of socio-economy called capitalism?

243 Partible Paternity Drives The Formation of An Intimate Social Network
A mother's belief that her baby inherits the best aspects of each of her men made the social structures of primitive tribes take the form of intimate networks.

244 Personal Income: An Insidious Attempt to Compare Human Worth
The fallacy that an employee's salary be a measure of his inherent worth makes him loath to divulge it, thus making him the instrument of his own subjugation.

245 Personal Study Notes: Introduction: About The Internet, Java and Unix
Highly illustrated study notes, some of which are reviews of my accumulated knowledge, while others cover new areas about which I had always intended to learn.

246 Personal Study Notes: The Internet: To Share Knowledge & Information
History, addressing, architecture, protocols, ports, email, news groups, telnet, FTP. file types, archiving & compression, search engines. World Wide Web ...

247 Poem: Erdogan's Revenge: A Rude Limerick About Boris Johnson
I had help from a friend to write thhis.

248 Poem: Millennia: Likening Free-Market Capitalism to a Tropical Storm
Begins: 'Dawn over Central Africa. The cool of the night is quickly quenched by the warmth of the rising sun heralding the tranquillity of another hot day.'

249 Poem: Mother Earth, Our Lost Inheritance, Our Inalienable Right
Planet Earth should be the heritage of all, but under capitalism, its wealth-generating resources are the exclusive possession of an ever-diminishing minority.

250 Poem: Mother Earth: Our Inalienable Right to Our Lost Inheritance
Planet Earth should be the heritage of all mankind, but its wealth-generating resources are becoming the exclusive possession of an ever-diminishing minority.

251 Poem: The Corporate Clock: The Daily Grind of a Corporate Employee
The stress of being driven by the clock. The obligation to work the same hours at the same boring job at the same level of productivity both summer and winter.

252 Poem: War and Peace: The Despised Unemployed Fight a Lonely Battle
War is hard to bear, yet all around you are in the same boat. They are all sharing the tribulation with you. When unemployed you stand alone, despised by all.

253 Political Disclaimer: My Formative Influences and Current Position
Thus far, I've been destructively critical of all mainstream political options. So I feel I must now state my history and clarify my present political beliefs.

254 Poverty: Resulting Social Isolation Erodes One's Ability To Reconnect
The severe poverty, to which state welfare subjects the unemployed, forcibly isolates them from the very society to which they are accused of not contributing.

255 Radio Astronomy: The Water Hole Band: The Search for Little Green Men
Searchers for extraterrestrial intelligence think that this is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum most likely to contain signals from alien civilizations.

256 Radio Receivers: Magnetic Antenna (Aerial) & Tuning Coil Calculator
Calculates a coil's inductance, top frequency, radius, turns, diameter and amount of wire from min frequency, max & min­ capacitances and desired coil pitch.

257 Reading Plan for This Web Site
The 1,080,000 or so words of this web site can be read comfortably in about 135 days by following the plan herein.

258 Reference Note: Lissajous' Figures as a Track Recorder Alignment Test
Applets showing 1 & 2-phase Lissajous figures + the trace of a program originally written in Honeywell DAP to test the linearity of track recorder servo motors.

259 Relativistic and Complex Dynamical Nature of Human Societies
Society has no fixed form or structure. It is a complex dynamical fluid of human molecules that appears different to each according to his unique place therein.

260 Religion: My Imaginary Friend of Onmipotent Power and Total Knowledge
I may be one of the elite; one of the favoured few. But I'm still only human. I don't have the power to control & exploit an entire nation. So how can I get it?

261 Religious Disclaimer: My Own Present Position as Regards Religion
In one phase of my life I was very religious. I studied the Bible fanatically. I will now state my history and clarify my present position on religious belief.

262 Right-Honourable TAX-PAYING Member of The Long Term Unemployed
Yes, the unemployed, who must exist on a disgracefully miserable level of welfare, must still pay tax in several forms. Graph of my income & taxation 1977-2000.

263 Robert John Morton UKYE572246C: Background, Profession and Philosophy
An observer and thinker about the physical and social realities in which I live, I am concerned about the state of humanity and seek a way to a better future.

264 Robert John Morton YE572246C: College, Employment & Freelance Projects
My college laser research project and the commercial electrical research & software development projects I worked on as a corporate employee from 1966 to 1976.

265 Robert John Morton: Ancestry: Part Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh
I am of Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English descent. Sadly, the uncertain and questionable details of my ancestry extend back no more than 2 or 3 generations.

266 Robert John Morton: Brief Summary of My Freelance Work History
Electrical apprentice, electrical research assistant, programmer, systems analyst, technical writer, software developer, businessman, unemployed layabout.

267 Robert John Morton: Employment History: Programmer, Analyst, Writer
Electrical apprentice, electrical research assistant, programmer, systems analyst, technical writer, software developer, businessman, unemployed layabout.

268 Robert John Morton: Formal Education: Colchester Royal Grammar School
I received excellent primary and secondary education but not at the tertiary level. Yet it was only when my formal education ended that my real education began.

269 Robert John Morton: History & Modus Operandi of My Business 1977-1991
Programmer/analyst/developer: I can contribute to your project from simply providing fresh ideas all the way to taking a full part in its practical realisation.

270 Robert John Morton: History of My Personal Projects While Unemployed
Programmer/analyst/developer/businessman/unemployed layabout. Small software projects I did to keep my skills up to date from when I became unemployed in 1991.

271 Robert John Morton: Programming Experience [FORTRAN IId to Java 11]
For one who has followed the development of programming over 30 years, switching to a new language is trivial. A pity agency flibbertigibbets can't see that.

272 Robert John Morton: Software Packages: EBS Marketeer/Author's Delight
I wrote and developed a contacts manager and a paragraph processor, the first of which I also sold and supported through my own business between 1980 and 1990.

273 Robert John Morton: Technical Writing Experience: Employed & Freelance
I have devoted half my career to technical writing, during which I have seen a revolution in authoring aids including 'Author's Delight', which I wrote myself.

274 Ruthless Rules of Welfare: Our Correspondence with Officialdom
Letters between me and my son on the one hand and the DSS, the NHS and our Member of Parliament on the other about my son's mental illness and his welfare.

275 Ruthless Rules of Welfare: There Simply To Avert Social Insurrection
When ruthless rules enforced by bloody-minded bureaucracy deny me my basic needs, what does society expect me to do: appeal, steal, or starve to death quietly?

276 Salvation: An Alternative View: Transformation Would be More Accurate
The Bible seems to assert that I need to be saved from something and that the only way I can be saved from it is to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's life.

277 Scientific Method: Clearest View of Reality, if Politics is Kept Out
A true picture of reality can never be beheld by human eyes. Nevertheless, the formal scientific method gives a clearer view of reality than casual observation.

278 Share in The Land: The Means to Turn Labour into The Needs of Life
There is a glaring disparity in the way the habitable land of this planet is divided among its inhabitants, which no amount of moral reasoning can ever justify.

279 Short Wave Broadcasting as an Analogy for Free Market Competition
The short wave bands are a cacophony of competing signals from all over the world. Only the powerful stations of the rich nations can be heard above the noise.

280 Short Wave Radio: C-program: RX Command and Control
This description is of a computer program. It acts as a command centre for receivers covering from 0 to 30,000 kHz. It is written entirely in 'C' plus X11.

281 Short-Wave Radio: A Radio Bandscope Controller Applet For The AR8600
Gives a general view of the strengths of signals (vertical scale) across a frequency range (horizontal scale) over a selectable portion of the radio spectrum.

282 Short-Wave Radio: HF Broadcast Receiver Controller Applet For AR8600
A logical user interface for a physical general coverage receiver to help find and tune to the best available signal from a particular station or broadcaster.

283 Short-Wave Radio: Ionospheric Propagation of H F Radio Signals
I have always been fascinated by our planet: its land, oceans, atmosphere, weather, geography and geo-physics. My interest in the ionosphere is part of this.

284 Short-Wave Radio: My Design and Wish List For An HF Receiver Applet
A spectrum analyser style display showing current activity on a selec­ted band and a variety of controls you can adjust to achieve the best possible reception.

285 Short-Wave Radio: My Ideal HF Aerial: Capturing The Magnetic Vector
Capturing a very limited frequency range is easy, but trying to concoct the ultimate wide band radio aerial is perhaps like the search for the Holy Grail.

286 Short-Wave Radio: My Ideal HF Receiver: Amateur, Broadcast, Weather
Should the personal HF receiver be a consumer product or a user-upgradeable framework? I prefer the framework so I can easily adapt it to my changing interests.

287 Social Class: Exists Only in The Mind as a Dubious Aid To Perception
Members of a family or team interact according to established rules, whereas a social class is merely an aid to perception. So why is the latter so divisive?

288 Software: About Software: Good Software Versus Profitable Software
To write a good robust software package one must follow certain rules. To write a commercially successful package one must follow a very different set of rules.

289 Software: Applets: A Keyword Search Facility for this Web Site
A search engine, complete with index, that runs as a client-side Java applet. The index contains keywords gathered from the meta tags of the site's HTML files.

290 Software: Applets: Keyword Search Facility: Applet Warning Message
If presented with a warning message like the one shown on this page, you can rest assured that it is completely and utterly invalid. You can safely ignore it.

291 Software: Index to My Java Applets: Over 30 Applets with Source Code
These applets are all 'live' on this web site. Their benign purpose is to illustrate [often by animation] various concepts and principles described in the text.

292 Software: Java Applets: E-book Downloads Graphical Display Applet
Shows the numbers of copies of the PDF version of the Book downloaded by visitors to this web site each week so far since I started monitoring on 1 July 2001.

293 Software: Java Applets: Web Site Hits Counter & Histogram Display
A histogram of the number of hits to my home page for each week since 26 April 1998. An applet generates the histogram live from a data file on the server.

294 Software: JavaScript: Compound Gain Calculator for Shares and Funds
For daily/monthly/annual gain, where interest accrues daily and yesterday's gain is left in account as part of today's capital that generates today's interest.

295 Software: My Curriculum Vitae in XML: A Vain Passing Fashion
A proposed minimalist schema containing necessary & sufficient information for efficient candidate job matching to help alleviate the apparent skills shortage.

296 Software: My Programs: A Simple Non-Caching Non-Proxy Web Server
A simple non-caching non-proxy HTTP web server written in Java as a command line initiated program. Its minimal functionality gives it minimal vulnerability.

297 Software: Neural Networks: Training The Multi-Layer Perceptron
A multi-layer perceptron is trained by presenting it with an input pattern for which the correct response is known and back-propagating the error in its output.

298 Software: Packages: EBS Marketeer: Contact Management & Commuication
Marketeer is a well specified contacts management database package which I developed during the early eighties with an integrated context sensitive user manual.

299 Software: Packages: EBS Marketeer: The Full 'C' + 'X11' Version
Marketeer is a well specified contacts management database package which I developed during the early eighties with an integrated context sensitive user manual.

300 Software: Packages: Family Finances program written in 'C' + 'X11'
Screen shots from this program replace embedded Java applets which, because of the retrogression in web technology since 2017, no longer function in modern browsers.

301 Software: Packages: The EBS Nexus Communications Managment Package
A fast database which identifies, locates, classifies and holds address, diary and dossier information on and facilitates contact with a large number of people.

302 Software: Packages: The EBS Personal Link Contacts Management Database
A comprehensive aid to keeping track of, informed about and in touch with, one's personal coterie of family, friends, colleagues & contacts in the Internet age.

303 Software: Personal Study Notes: Java: A Comprehensive Crib Sheet
Java's primitive types: numeric, character & string literals; declaration, modifiers & scope of variables; declaring arrays of variables, objects & arrays ...

304 Software: Personal Study Notes: Unix - Its Merits, History and Future
History & Structure, Files, Directories, Searching, Redirection, Printing, Basic Commands, Installing Software, Multi-Tasking, DOS & Unix, Multi-User, Email ...

305 Software: Programs: A Java Global Word Counter for My Website
Counts chars, words & sentences in HTML files, lists average number of words per sentence for each file and builds a dictionary of all the words in the files.

306 Software: Programs: An Experimental Web Browser: Basic 'C' Functions
Long ago I started to design & code my own graphical HTML browser. But once the leading graphical browsers became established, this became no longer necessary.

307 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: A Multi-Layer Perceptron
A multi-layer perceptron is one of many different types of neural network. It comprises a number of active 'neurons' connected together to form a network.

308 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: Complete Multi-Layer Perceptron
Commentary on multi-layer perceptron program mlp.c: discussing command line, arguments, validation, dynamic allocation, weights, perceptron, I/O, training ...

309 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: Introduction to Designing an MLP
Hailed as a new high-demand area, I decided to re-skill myself in Neural Network technology. These are the des­ign notes for my generic multi-layer perceptron.

310 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: MLP Input Summation Function
Each neuron in a multi-layer perceptron network receives a number of inputs. These are each multiplied by a separate weight and summed to form a single output.

311 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: MLP Non-linear Transfer Function
The sigmoid function is so-called because it is shaped like the Greek letter Sigma. Its purpose is to create non-linearity between a neuron's input and output.

312 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: Some Conducive Applications
Local weather forecasting, harvesting, market trends, HF radio conditions, interpersonal compatibility, radio signal identification, maintaining dynamic trim.

313 Software: Programs: Neural Networks: The Complete & Tested Neuron Code
Inputs are multiplied by corresponding weights then summed and divided by the number of inputs and fed into the Sigmoid function to produce the neuron's output.

314 Software: Programs: ROBOS: Message-Driven Real-Time Operating System
Robos is a development name. It runs chip-embedded or as an application on a host operating system. It's compact & closely linked with the applications it runs.

315 Student Accommodation: The Petty Capitalist's Opportunity to Exploit
The increasing requirement for rich guarantors in student tenancy agreements is driving tertiary education more and more into the exclusive realm of the rich.

316 Sustainable Energy: Needs, Sources and Systems for Heat and Power
Energy for our homes is provided by the polluting fuels which corporations commandeer from our common inheritance to sell back to us in return for our labour.

317 Sustainable Food and Water: Needs, Climate, Crop Mix, Protection
Of the 2 hectares of habitable land per person available on this planet, 2396 m² of arable land alone is enough to provide each human being with adequate food.

318 TECs: The Desparate Need For a Job Seeker's View of the Economy
Systematic job-seeking requires knowledge of one's economic environment. This exists, but in the wrong form and beyond the reach of those who need it.

319 Table and Graph of Real Inflation and its 10 Root 2 Attractor
I originally based my inflation corrections on the 10th√2 algorithm. This is based on the premise that the £UK has approximately halved in value every decade.

320 Team: Co-operation Evoked by The Sporadic Distribution of Talents
Our higher abilities are divided among us, making us all specialists. To deploy them effectively, we must combine them by forming ourselves into teams.

321 Theft: A Notion Far From Being The Moral Absolute That Most Suppose
The wanderer's view that what is 'just there' is rightly for the taking is manifest in the modern world, particularly with regard to intellectual property.

322 Tick-Box Forms: The Dysfunctional Sub-Language of Bureaucracy
The constrictive sublanguage of a modern official tick-box form is a woefully ineffective means of communicating the needs and circumstances of the individual.

323 To Control Society, Maintain a Cultural Dichotomy Between The Genders
Nature gave men and women differences, which are both complementary and constructive. Sadly, society has added others, which are both inhibitive and divisive.

324 Trickle-down Economics: The Fundamental Reason Why it Cannot Work
Wealth has no more cause to trickle down from the tables of the rich into the hands of the poor than the wealth of a farmer into the trough of his plough horse.

325 Unemployed Need An Effective Job-Seeker's Information Source
Competition in the recruitment industry fragments & disperses job vacancy information, making the task of a resource-starved job-seeker impossibly complicated.

326 Unemployment Stats: Unemployed or Unwillingly Economically Inactive?
Official figures do not portray unemployment as much of an issue. Figures from independent sources tell a different story. My observations favour the latter.

327 Unfair Employment Contracts: Corporate Theft of Intellectual Property
An employee is paid only for the work he does. But employers, through unfair contracts of employment frequently try to lay claim to far more than they pay for.

328 Union Action Hurts Innocent Artisan More Than Guilty Corporate
The nature of the only means by which unions can exert pressure is more likely to cause collateral harm the innocent than to perturb their corporate masters.

329 Universe: About Theories: Human Observation Can Never be Objective
To me, the universe is all I see and feel that is beyond my conscious self. Its effects and impositions compel me to theorise about what it is and how it works.

330 Universe: Events & Waves: Events Write Waves upon The Passing Aether
To any observer, the universe is one gigantic event, comprising a continuous stream of demarcatable features, which converges towards him from every direction.

331 Universe: Force and Inertia: Velocity-Space and the Finger of God
The wilful exertion of a real force is the only way a conscious entity can cause a change of state within the physical universe and thereby convey a thought.

332 Universe: My Personal Perception: A Sphere Whose Radius is Time
Any view of the universe can only be as it is variously perceived by each human consciousness from experiences invoked by inputs from the five physical senses.

333 Universe: Notion of Motion: Complex Accelerations Without Force
The universe can only exist in a permanent state of dynamic equilibrium. Thus, all free objects must be in continual relative motion: motion is vital to being.

334 Universe: Objects and Matter: Knots & Cusps in the Fabric of Space
As a conscious being, I am aware of something outside of me. It is not me but it contains me. It contains other things besides me. It is the physical universe.

335 Universe: Red-Shift: An Alternative Explanation by Aethereal Flow
Some galaxies appear redder than astronomers expect. From this, they deduce that they must be receding. But could the evidence support a different explanation?

336 Universe: Revolution: Phenomena in 3 Further Dimensions of Space-Time
Space provides 3 linear dimensions. It also facilitates revolution or spin about any 3 mutually perpendicular axes. This provides a new mode of aethereal flow.

337 Universe: The Enigmatic Aether: The Bringer of Light & Experience
By definition, the universe is the only isolated object. So no single object within it can be isolated. It must be connected to all other objects. But by what?

338 Universe: Time and Space: Thoughts on 3-Dimensional Space-Time
To me, space is the conduit through which time flows. Yet, paradoxically, I think space exists only by virtue of the fact that time is flowing through it.

339 Validity of Evolution: Problem of Symbolic Coding in The Genome
Species adapt to changes in their niche conditions. But does this mean that therefore all genera evolved by progressive adaptation from a single ancestor?

340 Vector-Space of Politics: What Does 'Right' and 'Left' Really Mean?
A person's or party's political position cannot be meaningfully expressed solely in terms of Right and Left because it is a concept with at least 3 dimensions.

341 Welfare (Social Security Benefits): How Much and Who Decides?
The amount of money provided by State welfare depends on the attitude the many have towards the few who are denied the opportunities which the many are given.

342 When Personality Type Makes You Incompatible with The Social Order
Western neo-liberal capitalism has a chokingly narrow modus operandi that is essentially out-of-tune with most and completely incompatible with 1 in 70 of us.

343 Where I Work: a Matter of Practicality or Corporate Bloody-Mindedness?
A universal wish among almost every employee and contractor I have spoken to on the subject has been eventually to leave employment and set up his own business.

344 White Elephant Projects: What Would the IT Industry do Without Them?
Throughout my career I have seen unceasing torrents of government money poured recklessly into projects which could not possibly end other than in failure.

345 Who Owns Cyberspace? Those Who Grant, Deny & Control Our Access To It
When you step into cyberspace, you are in somebody else's territory. You walk naked before his all-seeing eye. Even your inner secrets are open to his gaze.

346 Workfare: Unpaid Voluntary Work is Exploitation of the Unemployed
It is argued that the unemployed should be put to work to earn their welfare. But if they are put to work, why shouldn't they be paid a fair wage for that work?

347 XML Source for My Resumé Marked Up in HTML - Robert John Morton
This is my suggestion for a standard XML schema for résumés (curriculum vitae), which would be placed on a universal data base freely accessible to everybody.

348 XSL Source for My CV Marked Up as an HTML file - Robert John Morton
XSL template file marked up so it can be displayed as an HTML file. This provides a template for all personal CVs so they can be presented in a standard way.