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Poverty, Disparity & Human Rights
The poverty and disparity in this world stem from the denial to most of an unrecognised, yet plainly self-evident, human right. It is the right of each individual to the immediate and unencumbered control and use of sufficient means to transform his efforts into his needs of life. [PDF]

Each of us arrives here with nothing. We can each take nothing with us when we leave. But while we are here we have many needs. We need food, clothing, shelter. We need air, water and space. The human life-form is not self-existent. Each is a mere subsystem of Gaia, wholly dependent on what our Mother Earth provides. The Earth is a bountiful giver. World agricultural statistics show that there is abundance for all. Yet all do not receive abundantly. An elite minority basks in affluence while most suffer poverty. Why? What is causing the deprivation and disparity that is all too apparent among the inhabitants of the Earth? It cannot be a fault of nature. It can only result from the way people relate with each other. This is determined by politics: the collective will of the majority, which is inevitably manipulated to fulfil the greedy ambitions of the elite minority.

Some are born rich. Others become rich through fortuitous opportunity. The rest vainly dream of becoming rich. Most of us have no inheritance in this planet. We each own none of it. The Earth is, for the most part, owned by a favoured few who safeguard their possession by inductively controlling States, which are governed through systems of law that facilitate and enforce the ordered and peaceful containment and exploitation of the poor by the rich. The only way to establish global equity is to destroy the hierarchies that maintain the disparity. But what kind of social order could replace them? Is it possible for human beings to live together as a society in which all have equal rights, responsibilities and status? Does there exist a stable dynamic structure - a mathematical attractor - under which an egalitarian society could function? Or is some form of totalitarian hierarchy the only option? I have studied and thought deeply about science. I have written software for navigation, telecoms and administrative systems. I have experienced and suffered unemployment and social exclusion. I have, within this website, described another option. It is simple. Unfortunately, it would be wholly unacceptable to established power. - Robert John Morton

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